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Baby Bear Catching Snow Flakes

Bear cub catching snowflakes
Credit: Ring

Catching Snow Isn’t Just For Humans! In this ‘un-bearably cute’ act, this bear duo also found joy in catching snowflakes. While strolling past a Ring Floodlight Cam in the midst of a snowfall, the young bear paused to perform a delightful little dance, as if trying to catch the snowflakes.

Bear cub catching snowflakes
Credit: Ring

The cub maintains its “dancing” routine on its hind legs for a brief moment, utterly captivated by the snow. Meanwhile, its mother carries on without interruption, gradually moving out of the frame. Once the cub realizes its mother’s absence, it returns to all fours and departs.

Brown Bear Facts

Size and Strength

Brown bears are one of the largest terrestrial predators, with males typically weighing between 600 to 1,400 pounds (270 to 635 kilograms). Some exceptional individuals can be even larger.


Brown bears are known for their hibernation habits. During winter, they enter a state of torpor where their heart rate and metabolic rate slow down significantly, allowing them to survive without eating for several months.

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Diverse Diet

Brown bears are omnivores, and their diet can vary widely based on their habitat and the season. They consume a variety of foods, including berries, grasses, fish, small mammals, and carrion.

Salmon Fishing

In regions like Alaska, brown bears are famous for their salmon-catching skills. They gather at rivers during the salmon run to feast on this nutrient-rich food source.

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The Video

YouTube video

Bottom Line

In this heartwarming and ‘un-bearably cute’ scene, we are reminded that the joy of catching snowflakes transcends species boundaries. Just like humans, these bears found sheer delight in the falling snow, with the young cub’s impromptu dance serving as a charming reminder of the simple pleasures in life. The cub’s captivating moment of wonder, even as its mother continued with her bearly duties, showcases the universal enchantment of nature’s beauty. As the cub eventually rejoins its mother and the scene fades, it leaves us with a touching glimpse into the shared joys that connect us all in the embrace of the natural world.

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