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Baby Bear Rescued by Pilot and Now Lives at the Airport

baby bear rescued by pilot
Image by Pawsome Tales via YouTube

An abandoned baby bear was rescued by a pilot, and the plan was to release him into the wild again, but life had other plans for this bear – here’s his amazing life story.

Baby Bear Found and Rescued at Private Airport

baby bear rescued by pilot
Image by Pawsome Tales via YouTube

In 2016, an abandoned bear cub was discovered near a private airport. We can never know what happened to Mama Bear, but it’s likely that she was killed by poachers.

This is when local pilots stepped in and decided to care for him as they realized the cub wouldn’t stand a chance on its own. They named him Mansur and gave him a home on the airport’s grounds.

Becomes the First Avian Bear

baby bear rescued by pilot
Image by Pawsome Tales via YouTube

Mansur’s home at the airport wasn’t just a sanctuary; it became his playground and workplace. He’d keep the pilot’s company when working on the airplanes (if he wasn’t too naughty), and this is also how he became the world’s first avian bear.

Accidentally Sold to Poachers

Initially the plan was to release Mansur into the wild again once old enough to survive on his own. However, having become so accustomed to humans they predicted that Mansur would try and approach villagers which might lead the villagers, not knowing he’s a friendly bear, to shoot him.

Instead, they handed him over to a bear sanctuary – or so they thought. Mansur ended up being sold to poachers who used him to train dogs for bear hunting.

The pilots had such a strong bond with Mansur and refused to let him live like this and saved him once again.

Becomes a Permanent Airport Resident

baby bear rescued by pilot
Image by Pawsome Tales via YouTube

They decided that the best thing for Mansur would be to stay with them at the airport. To make this possible, they raised $46,000 to build him a lovely enclosure for him to live in.

This is where he is now, living his best life – receiving lots of cuddles and eggs (his fave snack.)

The Video

YouTube video

“The pilot rescued the BEAR CUB, who now considers him his DAD!”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Pawsome Tales

Baby Bear Rescued by Pilot: Wrapping Up

Essentially, whether you are a human or a bear, you never know what life has in store for you. Your darkest moments are often the turning point and become the most amazing adventure of your life.

Thank you for reading this story about the baby bear rescued by a pilot! For more heart-melting rescues, take a look here:

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