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Baby Elephant Doing the Helicopter

Baby Elephant Doing the Helicopter
Baby Elephant Doing the Helicopter. Image by razvan524 via YouTube

In the African savannah, elephants roam freely. But past their majestic presence, there are moments of childlike innocence within these gentle giants. In the video below, there is a playful baby elephant giving a show to its audience. The young elephant is seen spinning its trunk around like a helicopter, animal addition!

The footage shows us the playful nature of elephants that sometimes go unnoticed. In this article, we will explore the world of elephants’ and their playful behaviours.

Social Play Of Elephants

Baby Elephant Doing the Helicopter.
Baby Elephant Doing the Helicopter. Image by razvan524 via YouTube

Elephants take part in playful activities all the time. These activities strengthen relationships within their communities. These play sessions among young elephants help with learning and socialization. Additionally, the interactions involve activities such as chasing, wrestling and mock battles. This allows the calves to develop life skills and also create lasting friendships with their peers.

Play is important for the emotional development of young elephants. It improves their problem-solving abilities and develops empathy and cooperation within the herd!

Creative Play Of Elephants

Elephants also take part in imaginative play. How special! They display behaviors that reflect their curiosity, such as splashing in waterholes and rolling in mud, to engaging in dust baths and tossing objects with their trunks (in this case, doing the helicopter).

One of the best examples of creative play among elephants is their “dust showers,” where they playfully toss clouds of dust over their bodies using their trunks. This act helps elephants regulate their body temperature and also protects their skin from sunburn! Additionally, but most importantly, it is social bonding, with individuals all joining to create a communal dust cloud.

Wrap Up

YouTube video
Baby Elephant Doing the Helicopter. Credit: razvan524 – Source: YouTube

Overall, with these playful behaviors, elephants remind us of the happiness that can be found in the simplest of moments. All in all, whether its twirling in delight like this baby elephant or indulging in a dust bath with friends, these gentle giants remind us to embrace the playful spirit that resides within us all…

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