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Watch Heartbreaking Video of Baby Hippo Forced to Abandon his Dead Mother’s Body

Baby Hippo Forced to Abandon his Dead Mother
Youtube / nature of PBS

In a poignant display of the harsh realities of nature, a recent video captures a heartrending moment in the life of a young hippo calf. The footage shows the calf grappling with the loss of its mother before ultimately making the difficult decision to leave her side. This article about the Baby Hippo that is Forced to Abandon his Dead Mother, explores the emotional journey of the calf. It is offering insights into hippo behavior and the instinctual drive for survival.

The Tragic Scene

The video reveals a young hippo calf lingering near its deceased mother, a touching and tragic scene. Hippos, known for their strong social bonds, particularly between mothers and calves, experience visible distress when separated by death. The calf’s initial reluctance to leave its mother’s side is a testament to this deep-rooted bond.

Understanding Hippo Social Structure

Hippos are highly social animals, living in groups called pods, usually led by a dominant male. The bond between a mother hippo and her calf is powerful, with calves staying close to their mothers for protection and guidance. The loss of a mother can be a significant emotional and survival challenge for a young hippo.

The Instinct to Survive

Despite the evident bond and initial reluctance to leave, the calf eventually decides to move on. This behavior underscores the powerful survival instincts inherent in wild animals. For a young hippo, remaining alone without the protection of a pod significantly increases vulnerability to predators and other threats.

The Harsh Realities of the Wild

This touching yet distressing scenario is a stark reminder of the brutal realities of life in the wild. While it is easy to anthropomorphize and project human emotions onto these animals, such events are a natural part of the ecosystem and life cycle.


In conclusion, the story of the heartbroken hippo calf is a moving illustration of loss, resilience, and the instinctual drive for survival in the animal kingdom. 

Lastly, it highlights the emotional complexity of hippos and the challenges they face in their natural habitat.

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