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Baby Hippo Raised By Rhinos Meets A Hippo for the First Time

Baby Hippo Meets A Hippo for the First Time.

In the fascinating world of wildlife, unexpected friendships often form, and the story of Charlie, a baby hippo raised by rhinos who meets another hippo for the first time, is a heartwarming testament to this. Let’s watch as a baby hippo meets another hippo for the first time.

A Unique Friendship

Baby Hippo Meets A Hippo for the First Time.
Photo: Youtube / The Dodo

In the heart of a rhino orphanage, a unique friendship blossomed between two unlikely companions. Charlie, a baby hippo and a rhino calf, abandoned at just a couple of days old, found solace in each other’s company. As social animals, the pairing seemed perfect, and they quickly formed a bond that was both heartwarming and intriguing. They played and slept together, and their bond grew stronger with time.

Living as a Rhino

Baby Hippo Meets A Hippo for the First Time.
Photo: Youtube / The Dodo

Charlie’s life was far from ordinary. He lived among the rhinos, and over time, he began to think of himself as one of them. He adopted their habits, becoming active during the day and resting at night. However, this lifestyle presented a unique challenge for Charlie. Hippos are semi-aquatic animals, spending significant time in the water to protect their sensitive skin from the sun. Conversely, Charlie avoided deep water, preferring to stay on land with his rhino friends. This led to him getting sunburned, as he was not spending enough time in the water.

A New Arrival

Baby Hippo Meets A Hippo for the First Time.

The arrival of Moomin, a rescued hippo from a private reserve, marked a turning point in Charlie’s life. Moomin and a sheep she had bonded with arrived at the orphanage. The newcomers were placed in a smaller pen inside Charlie’s enclosure, allowing the animals to get acquainted. Charlie, who had never seen another hippo before, was intrigued by Moomin. After a few days, the barrier between them was removed, and Charlie, driven by curiosity, joined Moomin in the water.

Learning to Be a Hippo

Moomin, familiar with her natural hippo habits, began teaching Charlie how to enjoy being in the water. Initially, Charlie spent less time in the water than Moomin, but over time, he began to understand that he was meant to be there. His desire to be closer to Moomin also played a significant role in his transition. 

The hippos were gradually moved from their small enclosure to a larger dam in an outside area. They still interacted with the rhinos during the day rather than at night. This allowed Charlie to spend time with his original rhino friends while bonding more closely with Moomin. 

A Journey Towards Independence

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As Charlie and Moomin grew, they began spending more time with their own species, which benefited both groups. The rhino Charlie had initially bonded with was released back into the wild, and Charlie and Moomin were slowly prepared for a similar fate. 

The caretakers began limiting their interactions with the hippos, dropping food twice daily but not entering their enclosure. This was a necessary step, as hippos are very territorial animals. The ultimate goal is to release Charlie and Moomin into a habitat not currently occupied by other hippos, allowing them to return to the wild where they belong.


Baby Hippo Meets A Hippo for the First Time.

Charlie’s story is a testament to the resilience and adaptability of animals. Despite being raised among rhinos, he learned and adopted his natural hippo habits with the help of Moomin. His journey from being a baby hippo raised by rhinos to meeting a hippo for the first time and learning to be one is intriguing and heartwarming. It serves as a reminder of the wonders of the animal kingdom and the incredible work done by animal rescue and rehabilitation centers.

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