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Baby Rhino Fights Back Against Lions to Protect Mom

baby rhino fights back
Image by Kruger Gone Wild via YouTube

This baby rhino isn’t only the cutest – it is also the bravest. Despite being much smaller and facing a whole pride of lions, this baby rhino fights back, determined to protect its mother.

Do Lions Really Eat Rhinos?

Lions do not typically prey on rhinos – the risk is too big, and it requires too much effort. Being opportunistic predators, lions prefer easier prey unless food is scarce.

This dynamic changes when they encounter young rhinos, which might seem like a more feasible meal. But, like this brave baby rhino shows us, the natural armor and the protective instincts of rhinos make them a challenging target.

A Rhino’s Defence

Black Rhinoceros
Baby Black Rhinoceros running over salty desert plains of Etosha. Image via Depositphotos.

A rhino’s primary defense against predators, including lions, is simple: its massive size and strength. Adult rhinos have very few natural enemies due to their thick skin and the deadly charge they can unleash with their horn.

The mother rhino’s indifference to the lions in the video reflects this confidence – she knows she’s untouchable. Even when faced with a whole pride of lions.

3,000 Pound Vegetarians

Despite their peaceful, vegetarian diet, rhinos are not to be underestimated. Weighing up to 3,000 pounds, their size alone is a deterrent to most would-be attackers. This immense weight, coupled with a charge speed of up to 30 miles per hour, makes rhinos one of the most powerful animals in their habitat.

In other words – don’t underestimate someone just because they seem calm.

The Footage: The Cutest and Bravest Baby Rhino Fights Back

YouTube video
“Brave Rhino Calf Fights Back in Battle of Survival against Pride of Lions.”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Kruger Gone Wild

The video shows a mama rhino with her baby who is being stalked by a hungry pride of lions. The mother rhino pays the lions no mind, but the baby is not having it – determined to defend its mama.

Baby Rhino Fights Back: Wrapping Up

This adorable little rhino shows us that the bravest ones are also often the smallest. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rhino or not, what wouldn’t we do if someone was trying to hurt our mother?

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