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Watch How This Baby Seal Protects Its Friend From Rescuer

baby seals protects its friend
Image by @WeLoveAnimals via YouTube

They say dynamite comes in small packages, but I think the same goes for bravery. Actually, the smaller you are, the braver you have to be in this big and somewhat scary world of ours. This baby seal that protects its friend is the perfect example.

Scroll down to watch the clip that will make your heart smile.

How Big Are Seal Flocks, and What Are They Called?

seal and a baby
Image by Foto-Rabe via Pixabay

Like you can see in the video, seals hang out in really really large groups. These seal hang-outs are called colonies or rookeries, and can vary widely in size, ranging from a few dozen to several thousand individuals.

Just like humans, they depend on their friends. Congregating in such large numbers is crucial for seals, especially during breeding season, as they provide a safe environment for raising pups and offer protection from predators. 

How Small Are Seal Pups?

baby seal
Image by Kace Rodriguez via Unsplash

Seal pups are remarkably small (and adorable) at birth, typically weighing between 20 to 40 pounds and measuring about 2 to 3 feet in length. However, they are quick learners, with many species being able to swim and dive within hours of birth. And like you can see in the clip, despite their small size they’re full of bravery and a big heart.

Hooked on a (Bad) Feeling

fish hook
Image by Trophy Technology via Unsplash

Seals are the doggos of the sea, and are just as curious as man’s best friend. Although their curiosity is why we love them so much, it sadly also gets them into trouble (or even life-threatening situations!)

Seals all too often find themselves entangled in or injured by these remnants of human activity. Hooks can embed themselves in the mouths or bodies of seals, leading to infection, impaired ability to feed, and even death if not addressed.

The Clip That Will Make Your Heart Smile

YouTube video
“Brave Little Seal Pup Tries to Protect Friend From Rescuer”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: WeLoveAnimals

A man is seen running towards a massive flock of seals. But his intentions are good; he spotted a seal with a hook stuck in its mouth. He catches the seal in need of rescuing, but its seal friend doesn’t understand this and thinks he’s a threat. Despite being so much smaller, the seal stands up for its friend and attempts an attack on the big scary human.

Wrapping Up

baby seal
Image by Jasper Malchuk via Unsplash

Even if this baby seal would have been adorable doing anything, it’s possibly even more adorable when it shows just how brave it is. Friends are everything – is there anything we wouldn’t do for our besties?

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