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Watch: Bear Chases Man, Gets Hit By A Bus

European Brown Bear chased man in France. ©itsnickholiday on Instagram

European brown bears, the largest land predators in Europe, captivate our imaginations with their majestic presence and untamed beauty.

Below, we link to the incredible footage of a bear chasing a man, and what happens next. In this article, we’ll discuss the fascinating world of these incredible creatures, exploring their habitat, behavior, and the unexpected encounters they may have with humans, like when a bear chases a man.

European Brown Bear. Image by Steshka Willems via Pexels.

Bear Chases A Man And Gets Hit By A Bus

A recent video circulating on social media depicts a moment of sheer comedy as a bear chases a man, only to meet an unexpected obstacle—a bus.

But what happens after the bear is hit by the bus can only be described as comical.

The man whom the bear was initially chasing comes to the bear’s aid. Having other plans, the bear seizes the moment to chase the poor man again.

The linked video provides a lighthearted reminder of the unpredictability of nature and the humorous aspects of human-wildlife interactions.

The European Brown Bear Habitat

European Brown Bear. Image by Susanne Jutzeler via Pexels.

European brown bears, scientifically known as Ursus arctos arctos, inhabit various regions across Europe, from the dense forests of Scandinavia to the mountainous terrains of the Carpathians.

With a keen sense of smell and powerful builds, they navigate through diverse ecosystems, from boreal forests to alpine meadows.

Behavior and Diet

European Brown bear in a forest. Image by Natasha Lois via Pexels.

Known for their omnivorous diet, European brown bears feast on a variety of foods, including berries, nuts, and vegetation, complemented by occasional hunts for small mammals or fish.

Their impressive size, reaching up to 10 feet in length and weighing as much as 1,500 pounds, underscores their position as apex predators.

Hibernation and Reproduction

As the seasons change, European brown bears enter a state of hibernation during winter. Female bears, often accompanied by cubs, hibernate in dens they create in secluded spots.

The cubs, born during the winter, rely on their mother’s care and guidance until they are old enough to venture into the wilderness on their own.

Human-Bear Interactions

European brown bears are generally shy and elusive despite their formidable appearance, avoiding human contact.

However, as human populations expand and encroach on bear habitats, occasional encounters occur, sometimes resulting in dramatic and unexpected situations.

Conservation Efforts

European brown bears face various threats, including habitat loss and illegal poaching.

Conservation efforts across Europe aim to protect these magnificent creatures, focusing on preserving their natural habitats, implementing measures to minimize human-bear conflicts, and educating the public on coexisting harmoniously with wildlife.


In the end, this amusing incident serves as a reminder that while these creatures are powerful and wild, there’s always room for laughter and unexpected moments in the natural world.

Let us celebrate European brown bears’ wonder, appreciating their majestic existence and the occasional comedy that unfolds when humans and wildlife cross paths.

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