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Watch: Mesmerized Bear Cubs See Bison for the First Time

Bear Cubs See Bison
Tanner Haver
Youtube / Tanner Haver

The Curious Cubs

The setting of this charming encounter is a peaceful landscape where wildlife roams freely. Two black bear cubs, embodiments of youthful curiosity, explore their surroundings when encountering a creature they’ve never seen before—a massive bison. In their naivety, the cubs are both bewildered and intrigued by this giant animal, so different from themselves and anything they’ve encountered.

A Bison’s Stoic Presence

Amidst this scene of youthful discovery stands the bison, a symbol of strength and resilience in the wild. Unperturbed by the playful cubs’ presence, it represents nature’s majestic and unyielding spirit. The bison’s calm demeanor in the face of the cubs’ curiosity highlights the diverse interactions that occur daily in the natural world.

The Dance of Curiosity

As the cubs approach, their movements oscillate between bold advances and hesitant retreats. Their behavior is a dance of curiosity, a natural response to the unknown. Tanner Haver’s video captures this dance beautifully, showcasing the cubs’ playful nature and innate caution. It’s a scene that brings a smile to the viewer’s face, highlighting young wildlife’s innocence and exploratory instincts.

A Moment of Connection

This encounter, brief as it may be, is a moment of connection between different species. Therefore, it is a testament to the rich tapestry of life that thrives in the wild. For the cubs, the bison is a puzzle, a gentle giant that piques their curiosity and broadens their understanding of their world.

Reflecting on the Beauty of Nature

Tanner Haver’s video is more than just a cute clip; it reflects nature’s beauty and wonder. It reminds us of preserving these natural habitats where such innocent and amusing interactions occur. This encounter between the bear cubs and the bison is a poignant reminder of the natural world’s simple joys and learning experiences.


The priceless reaction of black bear cubs encountering a bison for the first time is a heartwarming reminder of the innocence and curiosity inherent in nature. Further, it’s a scene that captivates and entertains. Thus, inviting us to appreciate the wonder of wildlife and the importance of conserving the natural environments that foster these unique moments of discovery.

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