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Did You Know That Big Cats Love Boxes Too?

Tiger in box
Tiger (Panthera tigris) feeding from box of "feline diet". Bronx Zoo, New York City. By Postdlf

If you’re a cat parent you know just how crazy they go for boxes, but did you know that big cats love boxes too? This adorable video shows an unexpectedly cuddly side to these predatory felines.

big cats love boxes too

Have you ever noticed how your domestic cat is drawn to a cardboard box like a magnet? Interestingly, this behavior isn’t limited to just our house cats. Big cats, like tigers, lions, and leopards, share this peculiar attraction.

Join us as we dive into the playful nature of these majestic creatures and their love for boxes!

The Playful Nature of Big Cats

Big cats, despite their intimidating size and predatory instincts, have a playful side. Just like domestic cats, they are intrigued by simple things, and a cardboard box can provide hours of entertainment.

Whether it’s a tiger cautiously inspecting a box or a leopard playfully jumping in and out, these moments remind us of the curious kittens we have at home.

Big Cats Love Boxes Too: The Video

YouTube video

This showcases various big cats, including tigers, lions, and leopards, interacting with cardboard boxes. These majestic creatures exhibit childlike curiosity and playfulness as they explore, hide in, and even attempt to tear apart these boxes.

Other than being hilariously cute because of its strong contrast to their predatory nature, it’s a testament to the universal appeal of boxes to the feline family.

Three Reasons Why Cats Like Boxes

  1. Confined, Enclosed Spaces: Cats, being ambush predators, are instinctively drawn to confined spaces. Boxes provide a perfect hiding spot, allowing them to hunt prey and feel safe.
  2. Safety and Security: Boxes offer cats a sense of security. When inside a box, potential threats can only approach from the front, ensuring that nothing can surprise them from the sides or behind.
  3. Stress Reduction: Boxes serve as a safe zone for cats. When faced with stressful situations, cats often seek refuge in enclosed spaces. A box provides a private sanctuary where they can observe without being seen.

Advances in DNA sequencing have shed light on the feline family tree. Domestic cats are descendants of the African wildcat, Felis silvestris lybica. Their DNA is so similar that distinguishing between the two is challenging.

However, our household felines do share a genetic bond with big cats. Specifically, they share 95.6% of their genome with the Amur tiger. To put this in perspective, humans share about 99% of their DNA with chimpanzees.

The divergence between big and small cat lineages is believed to have occurred around 11.5 million years ago.

This close relation explains why certain behaviors, like the love for boxes, are observed across the feline spectrum.

Similarities: Big Cats Vs. Domestic Cats

  1. Playfulness: Both big and domestic cats exhibit playful behaviors, often engaging with simple objects like boxes or toys.
  2. Hunting Instincts: Despite the domestication, house cats still possess the hunting instincts of their wild counterparts.
  3. Affection: Both categories of cats can form strong bonds with humans and show affection in their unique ways.

Differences: Big Cats Vs. Domestic Cats

  1. Size: The most obvious difference is size. While domestic cats weigh around 5-20 pounds, big cats can weigh up to several hundred pounds.
  2. Habitat: Domestic cats are adapted to living with humans, while big cats require vast territories in the wild.
  3. Diet: Domestic cats have a varied diet, often including commercial cat food, while big cats in the wild primarily consume meat.

Big Cats Love Boxes: Conclusion


The world of cats, both big and small, is filled with wonders. Their shared love for boxes is just one of the many fascinating behaviors that captivate us. Whether it’s the majestic lion or the cuddly house cat, these creatures continue to intrigue and delight animal lovers around the world.

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