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Photographer Captures Rare Moment of Bison Crying on Video

Bison Crying
(Chris Henry)
YouTube video
Youtube / Chris Henry

A video captured by a US photographer; Chris Henry in Utah during the winter of 2022 has piqued the interest and curiosity of many. It shows a bison with what appears to be a tear in its eye, evoking a sense of empathy and wonder. This moment, while visually striking, opens up a discussion about animals’ emotional expressions and physiological responses in the wild.

Exploring the Bison’s ‘Tear’

At first glance, the image of the bison crying seems to humanize the animal, suggesting a depth of emotion similar to that of humans. However, from a scientific standpoint, it is essential to understand the biological factors that could cause such a phenomenon.

Physiological Responses vs. Emotional Expressions

In animals, tear production is typically associated with physiological needs rather than emotional expression. In the case of the bison, factors such as wind, cold temperatures, or irritants like dust could stimulate tear production. It is a protective mechanism to keep the eye moist and free from foreign particles.

The Emotional Capacities of Animals

While science suggests the tear is likely a physiological response, studying animal emotions is a growing field. Researchers are exploring the extent to which animals experience emotions and how these might be expressed differently from humans.

Bison in Their Natural Habitat

The video also brings attention to bison’s life in their natural habitat, particularly in the harsh winter conditions. Understanding their behavior and adaptations to these environments is crucial for conservation efforts.


In conclusion, the video of a bison seemingly shedding a tear in the wild is a beautiful intersection of nature and perceived emotion. It not only captures a compelling visual but also invites us to explore the fascinating world of animal behavior and the adaptability of wildlife to their environments.

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