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Watch: Black Bear Casually Runs Past and Plays Next to Campers in Alaska

Black Bear Runs Past Campers
Image via @kenziesgoneagain

Let’s watch a captivating video where a black bear runs past campers in Alaska.

Casual But Not SO Casual

In this almost surreal encounter captured on video, a black bear in Alaska nonchalantly runs past a group of campers and starts to jump around playfully.

The bear’s behavior seems to be indifferent to human presence. Which is a very uncommon sight!

Witnessing such an event is definitely a privilege!

Scroll down to find the video!

Black Bears in Alaska

In Alaska, black bears roam across diverse habitats. They live everywhere in alaska. Which means that hey navigate everything from the dense forests to the alpine tundra. 

They have effectively adapted to the cold climate with their thick fur coat that insulates them against the harsh winters. 

Their diet is remarkably varied. It includes everything from berries to fish, and small mammals. 

Once a year when the salmon is swimming upstream, the black bears gather for a big feast. It is an incredible scene. If you ever get the chance to witness it, don’t miss it!

To our relief (or disapointment) black bears tend to avoid humans. This makes the video we’ll soon see so much more captivating.  

A Fun Fact

Despite their name, black bears can come in a variety of colours.

They come in everything from black to chocolate brown, cinnamon, and white.

The white bears are often called spirit bears or Kermode bears. However, they are not albinos, but instead, they carry a rare genetic trait that affects their colour!

The Video

“Just a normal day for residents of the last frontier” via kenziesgoneagain
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