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Bride uses Dog as Wedding Bouquet

Dog as Wedding Bouquet
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Watch moment a bride uses her dog as a wedding bouquet, turning her special day into an unforgettable celebration of love and companionship.

Doggy is Better than Daisies

This bride decided to do something untraditional for her wedding. 

She swapped out her floral bouquet for something more personal—her lovely dog

During her wedding ceremony, the bride walked down the aisle holding her beloved pet dog in her hands instead of a bouquet.

This choice delighted the guests! 

A Memorable Ceremony

The decision to use her dog as a bouquet made the ceremony memorable for everyone involved. 

As the bride proceeded down the aisle, her dog, of course, became the center of attention. 

This personalization of wedding traditions underscored the importance of the bride’s relationship with her pet.

Happy Doggy

The dog, seemingly aware of its role in the festivities, behaved impeccably. 

The dog’s presence, comfort, and attention made the day for the human attendees and the happy doggy.

The Video

“dog as wedding bouquet” via maricelgonzales7227

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