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Watch: Camel Chilling in Car Trunk in Saudi Arabia

Camel in Car Truck
Screenshot via @ndm4u on youtube

Welcome to Camel Chilling in Car Trunk! Get ready for the sight of your life!

This clip shows a car cruising down the street, but get this—instead of bags or boxes in the trunk, there’s an actual camel in there. Yeah, for real. The camel’s just hanging out with its head sticking out, looking like it’s loving the wind in its face, just chilling.

It’s definitely not your everyday sight.

In the video, this camel is all cozied up in the car’s trunk, peeking out to the world. The whole thing is so bizarre and unexpected that everyone is doing double-takes and cracking up as the car rolls on.

The Video

“Boot Space Of Verna” via NDM4U on youtube

Let me know what you thought about the video in the comments!

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