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Cat Clings to Car Door to Escape Flooding in Dubai

Cat Clings to Car Door
Image via Voice of America

Let’s watch the gripping rescue video of a cat clinging to a car door during a flood in Dubai.

Cat Clings to Car Door

In this dramatic scene in Dubai, a cat was clinging desperately to a car door as floodwaters rose around it. 

The recent unexpected heavy rain transformed the streets, and the poor cat was left with no place to stay. 

This particular cat managed to leap onto a submerged vehicle and he was holding on for dear life when the rescuer’s fount him.

Floodings in Dubai

Dubai is usually known for its towering skyscrapers and arid climate. However, it occasionally experiences sudden and severe rainstorms. This becomes especially problematic as Dubai lacks sufficient draining systems and thus tends to flood. 

Such was the case recently when heavy rainfall overwhelmed the city lst week. 

These floods can be particularly dangerous for urban wildlife and stray animals!

The Rescue

Thankfully, the plight of the stranded cat did not escape the attention of the community. 

The rescuers spotted the cat from their boat and intervened. They approached the vehicle and successfully retrieved the cat from its precarious perch. 

Lastly, this rescue operation demonstrated the community’s swift response in times of crisis and underscored the value placed on all life in the face of natural disasters.

The Video

“car clings to car door to escape flooding in Dubai” via Voice of America

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