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Cat Raised By Dogs Races To The Ocean To Swim

Cat Raised By Dogs Races To The Ocean To Swim
Cat Raised By Dogs Races To The Ocean To Swim. Image by the Dodo via YouTube

They adopted him when he was 5 weeks old and he instantly thought, “this is my family and these dogs are my siblings!” So, this kitty raised by dogs has developed a love for swimming and beach activities. This unusual story shows us how the lines between typical animal behaviors can blur, resulting in unexpected friendships.

A Kitten Among Dogs

Cat Raised By Dogs Races To The Ocean To Swim
Cat Raised By Dogs Races To The Ocean To Swim. Image by The Dodo via YouTube

This feline found himself in a rather unconventional upbringing. Rescued as a tiny kitten, Oliver was adopted by a family with a pack of friendly dogs. From the start, he was surrounded by his canine siblings, who treated him as one of their own. So, this unique environment shaped the cats personality and interests, making him more like his doggy siblings than a typical cat.

A Love for Water

Cat Slaps a Seal
Ginger cat. Image via Unsplash.

The cat loves to swim. Unlike most cats, who generally dislike water, this cat has developed a passion for it. Having a lake as their backyard, the family often take their dogs for swims on the boat. Of course, the cat eagerly joins in.

“It’s the funniest thing,” says the family. “he jumps into the lake with the dogs and paddles around like he’s one of them. He seems to love it just as much as they do.”

Beach Adventures

Beautiful Ginger Cat.
Beautiful Ginger Cat. By Stylish_Pics via DepositPhotos

This kitty’s love for water doesn’t stop at the lake! The family often go to the beach and this cat truly enjoys playing in the waves, showing no fear of the ocean. He participates in other beach activities too, digging holes in the sand and mimicking the dogs’ playful moves.

“When the dogs start digging, Oliver is right there with them,” the family laughs. “He digs with such determination, you’d think he was a dog too!”

A Strong Bond

Ginger Cat napping. © Michael Sum on Unsplash

This unusual upbringing has made this kitty a well-rounded and adventurous pet! One could say he he is a combination of the best traits of cats and dogs. His unique story has not only brought joy to his family but has also captivated those who hear about it.

A Happy Life

Ginger cat
Ginger cat. By Seregraf via DepositPhotos

Oliver’s life is filled with adventure and a bit of the unexpected. His love for water and beach activities, nurtured by his upbringing among dogs, really does set him apart from any other cat. So, whether he’s swimming in the lake, exploring the ocean, or digging in the sand, this cat shows us the possibilty of cross-species friendships and how an upbringing really does influence ones life.

Bottom Line

YouTube video
Cat Raised By Dogs Races To The Ocean To Swim. Source: The Dodo – Channel: YouTube

Overall, this story of a the kitten raised by dogs, reminds us of the bonds that can form in any situation, leading to a life full of adventure.

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