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Clever Tech-Savvy Cat Conquers Thermostat!

Cat changing temperature of thermostat. Image from @MALLORYHASCATS via TIKTOK

A black tech-savvy cat named Orion has won people’s heart in a quaint corner of the internet. This cat, who went viral on TikTok recently, has a strange fascination with home electronics, especially the smart thermostat.

Techie Cat Goes Viral

The scene was set for Orion’s most recent adventure by a simple act of curiosity. In a now-viral video, he is seen closely interacting with the thermostat, his intense focus on the screen evident in his expression as he taps. The more paws he uses to press the numbers, the more fascinated Orion gets.

Warm Whiskers, Warmer Home

cat scratching post
Domestic cat sharpening claws on a scratching post. Image via Depositphotos

Orion’s mother teases, “Looks like we’ve got a temperature tinkerer,” as her astute cat modifies the temperature five times in a row. Orion laughs as the warmth of the room rises, his eyes tracking the screen’s change from a cool gray to a vivid orange.

Curiosity and Cats

European wild cats
European wildcats are considered solitary, mostly nocturnal and territorial predators. Image by Lviatour, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Why the sudden fascination with thermostats? Orion and other cats are naturally curious creatures and they can’t resist their curiosity which is why the unexpected thermostat is not an exception for Orion either.

Fun and Games

Scottish straight shorthair cat.
Scottish straight shorthair cat. Image by Deposit Photos

Cat behavior expert Jill Stregowski says that once a cat picks up a new trick, it becomes a game. Orion enjoys the challenge of adjusting the temperature because it’s not just enjoyable for him. It also draws attention.

Safe Settings

Fear not, the energy bill is safe. An update from Orion’s mom assures us that the thermostat is now securely locked, controllable only via phone. “We’re all good until he figures out smartphones,” she laughed.

Our Thoughts on Clever Cat’s Next Move

As for Orion, his days of thermostat tampering may be over, but his curiosity remains unquenched. What will this ingenious tech-savvy cat get up to next? Only time will tell.

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