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Watch: Rare Close Encounter of Huge Gorilla with a Chest-Thumping Display

Youtube / @ArcEarth

A recent video capturing a rare close encounter with a huge gorilla provides an awe-inspiring glimpse into the behavior of these majestic creatures. 

As the gorilla retreats, it performs a distinctive chest-thumping action, a behavior rich in meaning and significance in the gorilla world. 

This article explores this encounter, shedding light on why gorillas engage in chest-thumping and what it tells us about their social behavior.

The Chest-Thumping Phenomenon

Chest thumping, commonly associated with gorillas, especially silverbacks, serves multiple purposes. It is a form of communication that conveys a range of messages. From asserting dominance to signaling their presence to others in the group. 

Further, this action produces a resounding sound that can be heard over long distances. Making it an effective non-verbal communication tool in the dense forests where gorillas reside.

A Display of Strength and Status

In the context of the video, the huge gorilla’s chest-thumping as it moves away can be interpreted as a display of strength and status. It’s a way for the gorilla to assert its dominance and reassure its group of its presence and protection.

Understanding Gorilla Social Dynamics

Furthermore, gorillas live in closely-knit groups led by a dominant male, usually a silverback. Their complex social interactions involve behaviors like chest thumping to maintain group cohesion and hierarchy. Such displays are crucial for the social structure within the troop and for individual gorillas to establish their roles.

Conservation and the Significance of the Encounter

Moreover, the close encounter with the huge gorilla captured in the video are rare and offer invaluable insights into the natural behaviors of these endangered animals. They also highlight the importance of conservation efforts to protect gorillas and their habitats.


In conclusion, the video of the gorilla’s close encounter and subsequent chest-thumping is more than just a thrilling moment. It’s a window into the social world of gorillas. 

Lastly, it reminds us of the complexity of these creatures and the need to protect them. Thus, the gorilla’s behavior is a powerful testament to the intelligence and social sophistication of one of our closest animal relatives.

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