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Deer Breaks Nature’s ‘Rule’ and Eats a Snake

deer eats snake

A fascinating turn of events in the animal kingdom has recently taken the internet by storm. A video of a deer eating a snake, a sight that challenges our conventional understanding of this herbivore’s dietary habits, has gone viral, captivating and bewildering audiences across the globe. 

Key Points

  • A deer was filmed eating a snake, an unusual behavior for these typically herbivorous animals.
  • The video has gained immense popularity on social media, sparking a debate on the complexity of animal behavior and survival instincts.
  • According to experts, such behavior can result from scarcity of food or lack of essential minerals in the deer’s diet.

The Viral Moment

Deer eats snake

In the eye-opening video, the deer is spotted roadside of a forested area, chewing on a snake. A captivating scene, as deer are primarily known to be plant-eaters. The video, shared by Susanta Nanda, an Indian Forest Service officer, on social media, quickly went viral due to the unexpected and rare event. In the background you can hear the person recording the video, as astonished as we are, asking, “Is he eating a snake?”.

The Video

Unraveling the Mystery: Can Deers Eat Meat?

Deer eats snake

While this may come as a surprise to many, it turns out that deer are capable of consuming flesh. National Geographic stated that deer could resort to meat-eating when faced with a lack of essential minerals like phosphorous, salt, and calcium, particularly in winter when plant life is in short supply. The video was initially posted by a page titled ‘Science Girl,’ which highlighted that deer, although herbivores, might resort to meat-eating in times of food scarcity or deficiency in certain minerals.

Social Media Reactions

Deer eats snake

The viral video amassed over 1k views on Twitter and has generated a flurry of comments. Some viewers expressed surprise, while others took the opportunity to reflect on the vast diversity of animal behavior and survival strategies. One user remarked, “Nature is full of incredible and sometimes unexpected interactions, and this video showcases one such instance.” Another viewer noted the absence of a fixed ‘rule of nature,’ emphasizing the constant evolution of species and their behaviors.

Further, one comment that captured the essence of the debate stated, “Herbivores can eat meat. Carnivores cannot eat grass. It’s based on gut chemistry. Eating snakes is more about survival than diet. It makes sense to eat snakes that hide in the grass to kill them. Meat is fine if readily available, but hunting isn’t what their bodies evolved for”. Moreover, this reaction underscores the adaptability of animals in response to their environment, survival needs, and available resources.

The Circle of Life Reimagined: Simba’s Switch to an Insect Diet

YouTube video

In Disney’s beloved classic “The Lion King,” we find a striking parallel to our deer-snake episode. Young Simba, the lion prince, finds himself in exile, where he befriends Timon, a meerkat, and Pumba, a warthog. Simba drastically alters his carnivorous diet to survive in his new home, adopting his friends’ insectivorous ways. Though initially prompted by necessity and survival, this switch becomes a lifestyle choice that Simba carries with him even when he returns to his rightful place as king.

Similar to the deer’s unexpected deviation from its herbivorous habits, Simba’s adoption of an insect diet underscores the adaptability of animals when faced with survival challenges. Both instances are stark reminders of the fluidity of nature’s ‘rules,’ demonstrating that survival instinct often outweighs conventional dietary norms.


Deer eats snake

This startling discovery has brought into question the rigid classification of animals as herbivorous and carnivorous, highlighting the adaptability and unpredictability of nature. Further, it serves as a reminder of the vast diversity of the animal kingdom. And further, the unique ways different species adapt to survive. Lastly, the viral video is a testament to the fact that nature continues to surprise us, offering endless opportunities for learning and exploration.

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