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Welcome to the articles about the dinosaurs. Today mostly known from movies like Jurassic Parc or Jurassic World.

The dinosaurs were a widespread group of archosaurian species during the Palaeo – Jurassic era, which disappeared at some point before their time.

They included many different types that walked on two or more legs and had an upright posture like humans do today.

Some even got as large as 40 feet long. Most likely they would have eaten plants but there’s also evidence for them hunting other animals such dinosaur eggs.

We hope you enjoy reading about these prehistoric creatures. Have a look at our different articles about the topic.

Gigantosaurus vs. T-Rex

Today we will be comparing two astonishingly lethal species: Gigantosaurus vs. T-Rex! Monsters and huge creatures are bound to immediately grab your attention, whether you’re watching a movie or reading an article. Gigantosaurus and T-Rex were huge creatures of the past, and Gigantosaurus vs. T-Rex facts and comparisons are beyond exciting. In several Hollywood movies …

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Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs

Welcome to the fascinating compilation of Jurassic World Dominion Dinosaurs. The movie Jurassic world dominion was released on June 10th of, 2022. Like their previous movies, many dinosaurs were seen in this movie. Paleontologists can differentiate and tell the different species apart from one another. An ordinary human may categorize them as enormous dinosaurs, small …

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14 Prehistoric Animals You Should Definitely Know About

Welcome to the 14 Prehistoric Animals You Should Definitely Know About. Animals have existed since the creation of Adam or the big bang theory. But there are whispers of animals even older than men. Some of these animals are extinct now. A lot of reasons are behind the extinction of animals. But that does not …

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Allosaurus vs T-Rex: A Showdown

Welcome to Allosaurus vs. T-Rex. Growing up, we were often marveled by stories of great creatures that grazed the earth long before man came into existence. In other words, we enjoyed the tales of prehistoric beats who lived millions of years before the earth got reset. That’s right; we’re talking about the great dinosaurs. And today, …

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Top 10 Dangerous Prehistoric Animals

When thinking about extinct animal populations, you might get sad at the thought of how natural and human processes have led these species to fade from the face of the earth. After reading this list of the top 10 dangerous prehistoric animals their extinction will probably feel like a relief for you. The world has …

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