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Chris Weber

Hi there, I'm Chris, one of the two guys who run this site.

I'm an animal and wildlife enthusiast and love diving and skiing. My favorite locations to see animals are: The Azores, Yosemite National Park, and California.

I'm a certified Advanced Open Water Diver with a Master of Science in Economics and Electrical Engineering.

10 Animals That Eat Plants

Welcome, this blog will dive deeply into our Top 10 Animals That Eat Plants! With more and more humans deciding to eat only plant-based diets, this is becoming a more and more exciting topic! These animals interacting with plants are known as herbivores who consume large quantities of plant matter daily to fulfill their appetite. …

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13 Animals That Lay Eggs

Do you want to learn about Animals that lay eggs? Living beings have distinct modes of reproduction. To tell the truth, these varying reproductive methods are the factors that differentiate animals into two categories: viviparous and oviparous animals. But more on that in a bit; here’s a blog on many of the different Animals that …

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17 Animals That Mate For Life

Are you looking for the Top 17 Animals That Mate For Life? Did you know the Animals That Mate for Life is called monogamous pairing? Although humans are primarily monogamous, various animals also mate for life, which benefits the young animals because their parents are around them and raise them during their early life stages. …

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