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Watch: Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White

Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White
Diver Swims With Record Breaking Largest Great White. Image via YouTube / TODAY

In a once-in-a-lifetime encounter off the coast of Hawaii, a diver found themselves face to face with “Deep Blue,” a legendary great white shark known for her massive size and awe-inspiring presence. Measuring a staggering 20 feet in length, Deep Blue is recognized as one of the largest great white sharks ever recorded.

Location Of The Sighting

Island off Oahu. Image by rjmcsorley via Pixabay

The extraordinary sighting occurred during a feeding frenzy near the island of Oahu, where a group of sharks had gathered to feast on a sperm whale carcass. Among them, Deep Blue stood out not only for her immense size but also for her unmistakable presence.

Let’s move onto the physical characteristics of Deep Blue

Size Of The Largest Great White

Big Great White
Big Great White under a kayak. Image by SarahRichterArt via Pixabay

Deep Blue’s colossal dimensions make her a true giant of the ocean, stretching an impressive 20 feet from nose to tail. Her sheer size commands attention and respect, earning her a place among the largest great white sharks ever documented.


Great White shark ready to attack
Great White shark while coming to you on deep blue ocean background. Image via Deposit Photos

Estimated to be over 50 years old, Deep Blue is a testament to the longevity and resilience of these magnificent predators. Her advanced age speaks to a lifetime of successful hunting and survival in the unforgiving waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Great White shark
Great White shark in the deep blue. Image via Deposit Photos

Tipping the scales at approximately 2.5 tons, Deep Blue is a formidable force to be reckoned with. Her massive bulk and muscular build enable her to navigate the ocean depths with remarkable agility and power.

Let’s delve into the behavioral traits of Great White Sharks

Apex Predators

Great white shark smiling
Great white shark smiling. By Hermanus Backpackers – Great White Shark Cage Diving, CC BY 2.0,

Great white sharks are apex predators at the top of the oceanic food chain, possessing unrivaled hunting skills and predatory instincts. They play a crucial role in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems by controlling populations of prey species.

Migratory Patterns Of Great White Sharks

Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico.
Great white shark at Isla Guadalupe, Mexico. By Terry Goss, CC BY 2.5,

These majestic predators are known for their extensive migratory journeys, traveling vast distances across oceans in search of food and suitable breeding grounds. Their ability to navigate open waters with precision and purpose is a testament to their remarkable navigational abilities.

Curiosity and Intelligence

Great white
Great white breaching. Image by Mlbay via Pixabay

Contrary to their fearsome reputation, great white sharks are curious and intelligent creatures. They often exhibit exploratory behavior, investigating unfamiliar objects or creatures in their environment with caution and curiosity.

Social Behavior

Tagged great white shark in the blue ocean
Tagged great white shark for conservation in the blue ocean. Image via Deposit Photos

While great white sharks are often perceived as solitary hunters, they occasionally exhibit social behavior, especially during mating season or when gathered around a concentrated food source. They may engage in interactions such as cooperative hunting or hierarchical displays within groups of their own kind.


Great White Shark
Great White Shark with mouth open. Image via Deposit Photos

Great white sharks are highly adaptable predators capable of thriving in a wide range of oceanic environments. From coastal shallows to deep-sea trenches, they demonstrate remarkable flexibility in their hunting strategies and habitat preferences, making them one of the most successful apex predators in the marine realm.

Bottom Line

Great White shark ready to attack
Great White shark while coming to you on deep blue ocean background. Image via Deposit Photos

In conclusion, the encounter between the Hawaii diver and Deep Blue offers a rare glimpse into the mysterious world of great white sharks. It serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of conservation efforts to protect these iconic predators and ensure their continued survival in the world’s oceans.

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