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Dog Shuts Down After Abandoned By His Family

Dog Shuts Down After Abandoned By His Family
Dog Shuts Down After Abandoned By His Family. Image by WISH-TV via YouTube

Horrible things can happen to almost anyone these days. However, it hurts the most when these things affect the people we are closest to.

Some families often face severe financial problems and end up having to abandon their pets as a result. It’s not fair, but it’s how the world works, and it’s sometimes the best chance the pets have at finding a new life.

In this story, we’ll talk about a dog who was abandoned by his family and just checked out from everything.

A Tragic Fate

Dog Shuts Down After Abandoned By His Family. Image by WISH-TV via YouTube
Dog Shuts Down After Abandoned By His Family. Image by WISH-TV via YouTube

When Ritter’s family faced many problems, they decided to surrender Ritter and his sibling to a shelter. The Humane Society in Hamilton County, Indiana, took them in without question, and they were sad to see the state he was in.

He seemed so depressed, like he had completely given up on life. Ritter couldn’t understand why his family left him there – he just knew that he wanted them back.

Unfortunately, that was not going to happen. To help raise awareness about this wonderful dog, the shelter workers took a photo of him and posted it on social media. The photo went viral quickly, shared across every platform. People saw this sad dog and expressed their desire to help in any way they could.

Ritter’s New Opportunity

Dog Shuts Down After Abandoned By His Family. Image by WISH-TV via YouTube
Dog Shuts Down After Abandoned By His Family. Image by WISH-TV via YouTube

One of the shelter workers, Megan, told WISH-TV from Indiana that they were fortunate to have taken that picture. She explained that it highlights not just Ritter’s plight but also the suffering of countless other animals like him.

The photo captured the essence of what so many dogs experience on the streets and in shelters. Each of these adorable dogs surrendered to shelters has a heartbreaking reason for being there, and it’s up to us to help them.

Bottom Line

YouTube video
Ritter now has a home. Credit: WISH-TV– Source: YouTube

Thanks to the widespread attention Ritter received on social media, he quickly found his forever home and now lives an amazing life. Unfortunately, his sibling hasn’t yet found a new family, but the shelter workers are doing everything they can for him and all the other dogs there.

It’s heartwarming to see the dedication of the shelter workers as they strive to help all the dogs live normal lives with families who will care for them.

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Monday 20th of May 2024

I don’t know what’s wrong with the people in the world they’re whacked out of their minds. It’s a shame that they gotta do this to these dogs. They don’t deserve it nothing but loving loyal protectors of us people all they want is love and return and to be wanted and love on. I’m sorry my dog is my family. I saved 67 dogs in my lifetime and I would save a hell of a lot more if I had the money and I had my health, but I don’t blame Biden and Obama for this because if it wasn’t for them and the way they Steal our money from us we could save more dogs and we can also feed them more and give them a good home to the one to blame for this shit. Is Biden look what he’s doing to the people in the United States that lived here all their lives tax money lied to us. So the ones to blame about these dogs is Biden and Obama. They made the situation 10 times worse for animals and people or more or less hundred times worse for all of us. This is why people are not keeping their dogs cause they can’t afford to keep them and the vet bills are outrageous. There’s no way The president needs to steal from us him and Obama and Hillary they should be up on trees and charges, cause they’re nothing but thugs liars, thieves, mafia, and Hitler all in one I believe in karma when karma comes around they will get theirs and I hope it’s sooner than later because the people are suffering in this country and can’t make it go and also the animals and it’s because of Obama Biden Hillary and the Democrats are greedy fuckers and now they’re letting these companies be just as greedy and raise prices all the time on this is why American people cannot afford their animals anymore. It’s because of our fucking president and all the fucking Democrats and all the greedy vets , they get away with it so they think I’ll do it too I feel so sorry for the dogs cause they don’t deserve this at all. Puppies too May God bless all the people and all the puppies specially the people that aren’t greedy like the president and all the Democrats I can’t wait till karma comes around and gets and they get theirs

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