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Watch: Elephant Climbs Lodge Wall to Steal Mangos

Elephant Climbs Wall
Image via Willfull tusker

This recent video captures an elephant’s remarkable feat of climbing over a high wall, approximately 1.5 meters tall, to access snacks from a tree inside a private lodge. 

The footage is a fascinating glimpse into elephants’ natural capabilities and determination. 

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An Uncommon Display of Agility

Elephant showing off their trunk. Image by Davide Clode via Unsplash

Elephants are not typically known for their climbing abilities, which makes the actions of the elephant in the video all the more remarkable. 

Seeing such a large and powerful animal carefully maneuvering over a wall demonstrates exceptional determination and physical capability – particularly in the hunt for food. 

Elephants have been observed using innovative methods to access food, water, and territories. However, climbing a wall must definitely be a new trick.

The Drive for Food

african elephant
African Elephant in the bush. Image by Renato Conti via Pexels

Moreover, the elephant’s determined climb over the wall compellingly illustrates the lengths to which these animals will go to satisfy their nutritional needs. 

Elephants require a massive food intake daily. They consume up to 300 pounds of vegetation, including various plants and fruits. 

Lastly, this need drives them to explore far and wide, sometimes leading them into human-dominated landscapes in search of sustenance. 

The Video

YouTube video
Video via Willfull tusker

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Patricia A Borch

Friday 19th of April 2024

I always post something of yours to my facebook. Keep up the good work.

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