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Elephants Have Appetite for Stolen Oranges

Elephants stealing oranges
Elephants stealing oranges

Imagine explaining to your boss that the shortage of oranges is due to a herd of elephants helping themselves to the load while your truck broke down. That was likely the lot for two drivers from South Africa. Luckily for them they had a phone to record this comical event.

Not so dumb(o)

A video posted on X (Twitter) went viral, showing a herd of elephants that are not oblivious to a good opportunity that presented itself conveniently on their doorstep. While baking in the hot South African sun, these elephants spotted a truck that broke down. Upon investigation, they would be surprised to find a whole load of oranges, just waiting to be snatched.

Elephants stealing oranges

They did not wait to be invited. The herd approached the truck without hesitation and started helping themselves to the citrus jackpot. There is not much one can do in a situation such as this but wait for the elephants to leave once their appetite has been satisfied. Unless you want to be made level with the ground, of course.

Fascinating facts about elephants

Elephants are very interesting mammals to observe. They display highly intelligent behaviour, as is evident in the video posted on X. Here are a few facts that showcase their intricate qualities:

1. World’s largest land animal

The African Savanna (Bush) elephant is the world’s largest land animal – with adult males, or bull elephants, standing up to 3m high and weighing up to 6,000kg on average. Males only reach their full size at 35-40 years – that’s well over half their lifespan as wild elephants can live for up to 60-70 years.

2. Their trunks are very versatile

Elephants have around 150,000 muscle units in their trunk. Their trunks are perhaps the most sensitive organ found in any mammal. Elephants use their trunks to suck up water to drink – it can contain up to 8 litres of water. They also use their trunks as a snorkel when swimming (and apparently to commit truck robberies as well)

3. They literally have thick skin

An elephant’s skin is 2.5cm thick in most places.  The folds and wrinkles in their skin can retain up to 10 times more water than flat skin does, which helps to cool them down. They keep their skin clean and protect themselves from sunburn by taking regular dust and mud baths.


Elephants truly are amazing creatures, the gentle giants of our world. A round of applause to all organisations committed to their wellbeing and safety. Here’s to hoping the boss wasn’t too hard on those unfortunate truck drivers.

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