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Family Keeps Zebra as Pet Who Turns Out to Be a Great Babysitter

zebra great babysitter
Image by the Dodo via YouTube

Sometimes, the laws of nature are broken in the cutest of ways: did you know that zebras and cows can live like one big happy family and that a zebra can make a great babysitter?

How She Ended Up At Their Farm

Mystery, the name of this special zebra, was initially destined to live at a drive-through Zoo, but the owners thought she was too wild (which the new owners also can attest to).

The previous owner was about to sell her to a “canned hunt” (a trophy hunt but within a confined space) – something the owners at Surf and Turf Sanctuary just couldn’t sit back and watch happen, so they took her in on their cattle farm they owned at the time.

Making Friends With Everyone – From Turkeys to Cats

Mystery fit right in at her new home with her new family – the first thing she did was join the herd of cows. Actually, the owners suspect that she might just think that she’s a cow herself.

But she’s not only friendly with her cow-friends. She’s friends with all living things on the farm – from turkeys to cats.

The Best Babysitter

zebra great babysitter
Image by the Dodo via YouTube

Cows usually leave their calves alone for a few hours at a time while they go graze elsewhere, it’s just their natural behavior – but Mystery wasn’t happy with this. Whenever the herd would move along, she’d stay and keep a watchful eye over “her” babies.

Her owners compare her to a watchdog, “she’s never not aware” they say.

Mystery Opened Their Eyes: From Ranch to Sanctuary

Buying Mystery caused the farm’s owners to do some research surrounding the cattle industry. This opened up their eyes and they quickly decided to transform from a farm to a sanctuary.

They even went so far as to buy back cows they had recently sold, to provide them with a long and happy life on their farm.

The Video: Zebra Is a Great Babysitter

YouTube video
“Rescued Zebra is the best babysitter – Mystery the Zebra”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: The Dodo

Wrapping Up

Even though these animals don’t share a habitat “naturally”, they no only live peacefully together – their the best of friends and a tight-knit family.

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