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First-Time Mother Tiger Learns To Care For Cubs

Tiger cub
Sumatran tiger and cub (Panthera tigris sumatrae). Image via Depositphotos

Raising a child is no easy feat for anyone, including wild animals. This first-time mother tiger is documented in her first days navigating parenthood. 


The BBC Earth documentary, Tiger: Spy in the Jungle, narrated by David Attenborough, was filmed in the Indian jungle. In fact, nearly the entire thing was filmed by elephants! The crew attached spy cameras to Asian elephants’ tusks and to rocks to remotely capture and follow the lives of four tiger cubs and their mother until the cubs reached adulthood. 

tiger cub
Tiger cub. Image via Depositphotos

The Documentary

In the first episode, the elephants came across a young tiger mother and her four 10-day-old cubs. The tiger was no threat to the elephants because her cubs were at such a vulnerable age that she could not leave them alone. 

Later, the documentary follows the cubs learning how to hunt, and growing into mature tigers. 

Clips From The Show 

YouTube video
“Mother Tiger Learns to Care for Cubs” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: BBC Earth
YouTube video
“Tiger Teaches Her Cubs to Hunt ” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: BBC Earth

Thanks for watching! Part two of this story is out now – click here!

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