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8 Dangerous Florida Spiders

list of florida spiders

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most fascinating spiders found in the sunny state of Florida.

list of florida spiders

Spiders are among the most diverse and fascinating species of arachnids that can be found in many parts of the world, including Florida. While some spiders may seem intimidating at first glance, they are integral for our environment. Among many things, they help to keep unwanted pest populations under control. 

In Florida alone, a list of almost 200 different species of spiders have been recorded. From brightly colored orb weavers to large tarantulas, this is an overview of some of the most common and interesting species you may encounter when exploring this beautiful state.

How To Identify Common Species of Spiders In Florida 

Black And Yellow Argiope Spider

Many species of spiders are native to Florida. Some of these include wolf spiders, black and yellow Argiope spiders, golden silk orb-weavers, and tarantulas.

Although there is an abundance of fascinating spider species in this state, many of them have iconic and distinctive looks – making them easy to differentiate from each other. Wolf spiders can be identified by their distinctive stripes; black and yellow argiopes have bright yellow stripes on their abdomen with black dots on the sides; golden silk orb-weavers have golden webs with various colors on the back leg segments; and tarantulas are hairy spiders with gray or light brown bodies.

Keep reading with us as we uncover how to identify a wide range of spiders that are present in the state of Florida. 

A List of Various Spiders In Florida 

We could impossibly include all of them in this list as Florida is home to a wide variety of spiders, but here’s our top ten species. Let’s take a closer look at them.

#1 Orb Weavers

Orb Weaver

You can recognize Orb Weavers by their large webs that can often stretch between trees or sprawled across porches and walkways. These spiders have eight eyes arranged in two rows. They come in various colors, including yellow, brown, orange, green, and black. Orb wavers eat insects such as mosquitoes and flies, which become trapped in their webs.

#2 Jumping Spiders 

Jumping Spider

Jumping Spiders are notable for their ability to jump several times their size when hunting for prey. These spiders have four large eyes on their front face and two smaller ones at the top of their head.  

They range from 0,3-0,6 inches long and come in various colors, including black, white, browns, grays, and patterns like stripes or spots! Jumping spiders hunt mostly during the day, so you may see them scurrying around your yard or home looking for food.

#3 Wolf Spiders

list of florida spiders

They are another common type of spider present throughout Florida. They get their name from their wolf-like behavior; they actively hunt down prey rather than wait for it to get caught in a web, as many other types of spiders do. Wolf spiders are usually brown or grayish-brown with dark markings on their backs. They range from 0,4-1,4 inches long, but some species can sometimes almost reach 3 inches in length!

#4 Crab Spiders


These spiders exist all over the southern United States; Crab spiders are a common sight in Florida. Depending on the species, these spiders vary in size, ranging from 0.12-0.39 inches in length. 

Their coloring is extremely variable, with some species using yellow and brown shades that blend into their environment for camouflage. They often have long front legs, which they use to capture prey and detect vibrations from potential threats or food sources. These long legs make them look like crabs, and this is the reason for their name. Crab spiders are usually crawl around flowers or other plants where they can ambush their prey. They also enjoy feeding on nectar and pollen.

#5 Golden Silk Spider

Golden Silk Spider

The Golden Silk Spider is one of the most iconic spiders in Florida due to its vibrant color. These spiders have bright gold hair covering almost their entire body. They can reach up to 1.5 inches in length when fully grown; this makes them among one of the largest spiders native to Florida! 

They reside near water sources such as ponds and streams to catch aquatic prey. The golden silk spider are especially fond of dragonflies and other flying insects that come too close to their webbing. Those lucky enough to find one of these stunning creatures will undoubtedly be captivated by its silk web, which has been known to stretch up to several feet wide!

#6 Black and Yellow Argiope Spider

list of florida spiders

This spider is aptly named for its striking black and yellow stripes running down its abdomen like an argyle pattern! This species is quite large, with an average length of 1 inch for adults; the females are larger than males. 

Like many other orb-weaving spiders, the Black and Yellow Argiope will create intricate webs of strong silk. They are used for catching prey such as flies, grasshoppers, moths, wasps, and more! These constructions can span several yards when complete, with intricate webs that look like zigzags within them.

#7 Green Lynx Spider

Green Lynx Spider

One of the most unique-looking spiders in Florida is the Green Lynx Spider. This colorful creature has a brilliant green colored body. This allows it blend into the foliage where it normally resides while patiently waiting for prey to come close enough. They’re also known to actively hunt during sunny days, peeping through leaves and branches alike, looking for unsuspecting meals.

Their eyesight isn’t particularly impressive. However, they make up for this by having powerful jumping capabilities and an excellent sense of hearing. This helps them detect any approaching meal or threat before it gets too close! Despite their formidable appearance, these spiders aren’t considered aggressive towards humans or animals, making them great backyard residents if you want a little extra color around your garden area!

#8 Tarantulas


Finally, there are Tarantulas which can also be found throughout Florida. However, they prefer tropical climates such as the Caribbean islands, where temperatures remain relatively warm year-round. Tarantulas have hairy bodies ranging from 3–7 inches long and mostly live solitary lives unless it’s mating season. Then, males will search out females for reproduction purposes.

Benefits of Spiders In Florida


Spiders play an essential role in the ecosystem of Florida, providing much-needed insect control and other benefits. Spiders help keep pest populations in check through their presence and activities. They can even help protect crops from damage or disease. Furthermore, certain species of spiders produce unique silk, which other creatures use for building nests, web-spinning, and protection from predators.

Insect Control

Spiders are renowned predators, preying on insects that can be considered pests – such as mosquitoes, flies, moths, and beetles. Some species of spiders have venom that is particularly effective at killing insects; the black widow spider is an example. 

This helps keep the number of potentially harmful insects down, reducing the potential for crop damage or the spreading of diseases associated with these pests.

Producing Silk

Another benefit of having spiders is that some species produce a type of silk known as “gossamer.” Gossamer can be used for various purposes like nest building or web-spinning. These webs are usually found in trees or bushes since they provide more stability than webs spun across open ground. 

The most common type of gossamer spiders produce is called dragline silk. It is extremely strong yet lightweight – making it ideal for constructing webs and nests.

Learn more about the Gossamer Silk, From Spiders Spun.

Protecting Crops

Many spider species feed on aphids and other pests that can endanger crops through their feeding habits or spread disease among plants. Controlling these populations through predation or web construction, spiders help protect valuable crops from being destroyed or contaminated with pathogens.

Creating an Environment Conducive To Spider Populations

Green Lynx Spider

All these benefits require creating an environment conducive to spider populations. 

It’s important to provide suitable habitats within your yard. In this way you can maximize beneficial activity while minimizing potential risks posed by these creatures. 

For example, keeping piles of leaves and debris away from foundations can prevent brown recluse spiders from seeking shelter inside homes where they may become aggressive if disturbed. Similarly, stacking firewood away from habitable areas can reduce the chances of encountering black widow spiders.

It’s also essential that chemical pesticides not be used around homes or gardens due to their potential negative impacts on spider populations. These toxins can harm predatory species like wolf spiders or sheet web weavers living in trees near homes. 

Key Points

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While some spiders may seem intimidating at first glance, they are quite important for our environment as they help to keep unwanted pest populations under control.
Florida is home to a wide variety of spider species, many of which can be found in and around homes.
A few common types of spiders in the state include Orb Weavers, Jumping Spiders, Wolf Spiders, and Tarantulas.
Like many other orb-weaving spiders, the Black and Yellow Argiope will create intricate webs of strong silk for catching prey such as flies, grasshoppers, moths, and wasps.
Another benefit of having spiders is that some species produce a type of silk known as “gossamer,” which can be used for various purposes like nest building.
It’s also essential that chemical pesticides not be used around homes or gardens due to their potential negative impacts on spider populations.

Conclusion: Spiders in Florida

list of florida spiders

Spiders play an important role in our environment in Florida by helping to regulate insect populations and providing food sources for birds, lizards, and other animals higher up on the food chain. Knowing how to identify different species properly will help you better understand your local spider population and appreciate their important role in our environment!

Thank you for reading this list of spiders found in Florida! If you want an even more detailed assessment of one of the spiders mention in this list, read our post on Crab Spiders.

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