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Watch: German Shepherd thinks he’s dying at the grooming salon

German Shepherd
Image by Girl with Dogs 2 via YouTube

Talk about being overdramatic! I’m sure many pet owners can relate to their pet overreacting to a bath or nail clipper. In this case, a handsome German Shepherd seems to think his life is in danger during a routine visit to the grooming salon.

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Why Grooming Matters

dog grooming
A dog’s day at the spa. Image by Hayffield L via Unsplash

Regular grooming is vital in keeping your pup healthy, happy, and smelling and looking good. Specifically, regular washing helps to remove dead hair, dirt, and dandruff from your dog’s coat, and brushing helps spread their natural oils throughout their coats, ensuring healthy skin and fur.

For some pets, like our dramatic German Shepherd, the idea of grooming can be stressful. First prize is to introduce grooming early in your pet’s life so they can get comfortable with, or at least get used to, the process. Otherwise, some positive reinforcement goes a long way. Treats and head scratches are a good way to let them know they’re being a good doggy and the experience will end up being better for you both.

Fun Facts about Dog Grooming

cool dogs
Two very cool dachshunds. Image by Kojirou Sasaki via Unsplash
  • Grooming can (sometimes) be relaxing for dogs, but even if they don’t enjoy it in the moment, they will most certainly feel good afterwards.
  • Different dog breeds have unique grooming needs. Breeds with long hair, for instance, need to be brushed more frequently to prevent dirt build-up and matting.
  • Grooming is a good opportunity to check for fleas, ticks, or any skin problems, ensuring timely medical attention.

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The Video

YouTube video
“German Shepherd thinks he’s dying at the grooming salon,” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Girl with Dogs 2

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