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Huge German Shepherds Think Tiny Baby Is Their Puppy on Video

German Shepherds Think Tiny Baby Is Their Puppy
Youtube / the DODO

This group of German Shepherds thinks a tiny baby is their very own puppy, showcasing the remarkable bonds that can form between humans and their canine companions.

German Shepherds Think Tiny Baby Is Their Puppy
Youtube / the DODO

German Shepherds Think Baby Is Their Puppy

This video will melt your heart. Baby River is introduced as a part of her doggo pack, comprising her giant German Shepherd friends. Each of these furry companions shares a unique relationship with the baby, but it’s her connection with Roman that stands out. 

From the moment River was born, her parents prepared the dog pack for a special meeting, and the dogs, filled with curiosity and affection, instantly showered her with kisses and tail wags. River adores interacting with her furry friends, but Roman, a giant and somewhat clumsy pup, holds a special place in her heart. 

In this article, we’ll explore the significance of a pack for dogs and its role in their lives and then draw intriguing parallels between this heartwarming video and the classic story of Mowgli from “The Jungle Book.

The Video

YouTube video
Youtube / The DODO

The Importance of a Pack for Dogs

Dogs are known for their social nature and the importance of pack dynamics in their lives:

  • Social Bonds: Being pack animals by nature, dogs thrive on social interactions. Within a pack, they form strong bonds with one another, much like the relationships we see between Baby River and her German Shepherd friends.
  • Emotional Support: Packs provide emotional support and companionship for dogs. These connections can alleviate stress, anxiety, and loneliness, contributing to their well-being.
  • Learning and Play: Dogs within a pack engage in cooperative play and learn valuable life skills from one another. Playtime fosters mental stimulation and physical fitness, helping puppies become well-adjusted adults.

Baby River and Roman

Baby River’s unique connection with Roman showcases the depth of bonds that can develop between dogs and humans:

River has known Roman since her first days, and their enduring friendship has grown stronger over time. Roman, despite his size and clumsiness, has a gentle and protective nature towards the baby.

This heartwarming relationship between a baby and her canine friend underscores the trust and companionship that can form between dogs and children. It’s a testament to the positive impact pets can have on a child’s upbringing.

It’s giving: The Jungle Book

YouTube video

In “The Jungle Book,” Mowgli’s story bears intriguing parallels to the heartwarming video:

In the classic tale, Mowgli is raised by a wolf pack and becomes an integral part of their family. Similarly, Baby River is embraced by her dog pack, highlighting the sense of belonging and acceptance that can exist within animal communities.

Further, Mowgli’s relationships with the animals in the jungle exemplify the unconditional love and care that can exist between different species. Baby River’s interactions with her German Shepherds echo these themes of mutual affection and support.

Fun Facts

As we celebrate the remarkable bond between Baby River and her doggo pack, here are a few fun and interesting facts:

  1. Dogs have a rich and diverse way of communicating, from tail wagging and barking to body language and eye contact. Understanding these cues is essential for fostering positive relationships with our furry friends.
  2. Dogs are known for their ability to sense human emotions and respond with empathy. They can provide emotional support and comfort during difficult times.
  3. The powerful connections between humans and animals, such as those seen in the video, have led to the development of animal-assisted therapy programs, which offer emotional and physical benefits for people of all ages.


Baby River and her doggo pack, particularly her extraordinary bond with Roman, exemplify the deep connections between humans and their animal companions. 

Much like Mowgli’s adventures in “The Jungle Book,” this heartwarming video showcases the enduring importance of social bonds and the incredible ways humans and animals can enrich each other’s lives. 

The lessons of acceptance, love, and friendship know no boundaries, transcending the lines between species and creating enduring tales of connection and companionship.

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