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Giraffe crashes into family’s car at wildlife centre


Kari Hill’s visit to the Texas Fossil Rim Wildlife Center took an unexpected turn when a giraffe with no regard for personal space made an unanticipated entrance, resulting in quite a shock for her family.

Photo: Kari Hill

When a giraffe comes knocking

On a Thursday in Glorse, Texas at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center, Kari Hill was enjoying a leisurely drive with her two teenage sons and 1-year-old granddaughter. Where they received an unusual visitor in the form of a giraffe. The giraffe, seemingly in search of a snack, playfully extended its neck through the sunroof of Hill’s car.

Photo: Kari Hill

Before the incident took a surprising turn, Hill managed to capture a spontaneous selfie with the friendly giraffe. Unfortunately, things quickly went awry as the giraffe’s balance disappeared and it toppled onto the vehicle.

A wild ride

Recalling the event, Hill described the frightening moment, saying, “All was great until he lost his balance and fell onto my windshield.” As the giraffe struggled to regain its footing, the windshield began to cave in, showering Hill and her family in glass. In that tense moment, it seemed as though the situation might escalate, but the giraffe eventually found its footing and departed, leaving Hill and her family somewhat shaken but unharmed.

Photo: Kari Hill

Quickly, Hill drove away from the scene and pulled over to ensure that her children were free from glass shards. She promptly contacted the park’s emergency hotline, which then arranged for their safe exit from the park. Hill’s car was then towed and an insurance claim was filed.

The aftermath

Reflecting on the unusual occurrence, Hill stated, “[It was] such a quick, freak accident. [I’m] glad it wasn’t worse. Cars can be replaced. People can’t.” Fossil Rim Wildlife Center later reported that the giraffe was unharmed, and they considered the incident “unfortunate.” Remarkably, this was a unique event that hadn’t been witnessed during the giraffe’s 11-year residency at the park. Regarding responsibility for the damages, the park informed Hill that she had signed a waiver upon entering, absolving them from any liability.

In conclusion

A truly memorable chapter was added to Kari Hill’s visit to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Let’s hope this giraffe has learned to respect those personal boundaries.

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