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Golden Retriever Follows Google Earth Guy and Shows on Every Road

Retriever Follows Google Earth
mage via Google Earth

Join Maru, a golden retriever, as he follows the Google Earth guy that was capturing the beautiful Jukdo Island, South Korea, on a virtual tour.

Maru the Official Guide Dog of Jukdo

Retriever Follows Google Earth
Image via Google Earth

On the picturesque island of Jukdo, which is just off the coast of South Korea, this golden retriever named Maru has become a celebrity. 

Maru is known affectionately as the “unofficial guide dog” of the island.

He has been escorting visitors around the island for seven years. 

Following the Trail

Image via Google Earth

As you view the virtual tour of Jukdo on Google Earth, Maru is your constant companion. 

This golden retriever leads the way, trotting along lush, green trails that snake around the island’s stunning coastline. 

His keen sense of direction ensures that every nook or cranny of the scenic landscape is explored!

Bonding with the Google Earth Guy

“Bonding with the Google Earth Guy” Image generated by Linnea using DALL-E.

The bond between Maru and the visiting photographer from Google Earth is a testament to the dog’s lovable nature. 

As the photographer captured the street views of Jukdo, Maru was beside him—every step of the way. 

This adorable guide didn’t just provide companionship; he inadvertently became a furry feature in every image.

Maru Leads the Way Up the Stairs

Retriever Follows Google Earth
Image via Google Earth

No tour of Jukdo would be complete without a climb to higher vantage points, and Maru is more than happy to lead the way.

Look at him confidently ascend the stairs.

Maru Shows Us the Observatory

Retriever Follows Google Earth
Image via Google Earth

At the summit of their climb, Maru proudly shows off one of Jukdo’s treasures—the observatory. 

This spot offers breathtaking views of the surrounding sea and landscape.

With Maru sitting by your side, you can enjoy a panoramic view that captures the essence of this serene island. 

His presence makes the whole tour more fun and proves that sometimes the best tour guides walk on four paws.

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