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Watch: Gorilla Breakdancing in Pool at Dallas Zoo

Gorilla Breakdancing
Image via Dallas Zoo.

Meet Zola, the gorilla who lives in Dallas Zoo that is famous for his dance moves. He’s just wowed his fans again. This time, zookeeper Ashley Orr caught him on video playing in a pool.

Why Enrichment Matters

Zola’s pool time is more than fun. It’s part of the zoo’s effort to keep animals mentally and physically sharp. This activity lets animals like Zola behave naturally, which is vital to their happiness. 

Behind the Scenes with Zola

The video gives us a peek at what Zola does when he’s not in his usual habitat. These behind-the-scenes moments are precious. They show us how much care zoo animals get. Zola’s joy in his pool session shows the zoo’s dedication to keeping their animals happy.

The Video

“Breakdancing Gorilla Enjoys Pool Behind-the-Scenes” published by Dallas Zoo via Youtube.

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