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Gorilla vs Lion

Front view of angry silverback mountain gorilla in the misty wild forest opening mouth. Image via Depositphotos.

Are you interested in seeing a Gorilla vs Lion? African regions are home to both lions and gorillas. With unmatched power, speed, and natural weapons for attack and defense, they could quickly kill humans and other animals.

But who would win if they were engaged in a fight with each other? Let’s find out who would win the Lion vs Gorilla battle.

Full Grown Male Lion. Image via Pexels.

In contrast to several hypothetical encounters between wildlife, a gorilla and a lion could collide when their ranges converge. The battle would take place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where gorillas and lions coexist in the lush rainforest and the space between it and the savannah.

What would occur if a ravenous lion and a furious silverback gorilla clashed to determine who was the real “King of the Jungle?

In order to decide who wins this fight, we’ve compiled the most relevant information.

Comparing a Gorilla and a Lion

SizeWeight: 260 lbs – 560 lbs
Length: 4.8 ft – 8.3ft
Weight: 225lbs – 440lbs
Height: 4.4ft- 5.0ft
Speed and Movement Type-35 mph
-Sprints to enemies
-25 mph
-Can move quickly with knuckle-walking
Bite Power-650 PSI bite power-30 teeth, including up to four 4-inch canines-1,300 PSI bite power-32 teeth including 2-inch fangs
Intelligence-A wise hunter who only engages opponents when confident in their ability to defeat 
-Brings other lions when bringing down significant prey
-Highly intelligent and only marginally capable of using tools and weapons



Lion. Image via Pixabay

Lions have long been revered as representations of bravery and sturdiness. Their head is enormous, and they have short legs and a well-muscled torso. The lion’s coat can be buff yellow, silvery gray, orange-brown, or dark brown. 

The tail tip typically has a tuft darker than the rest of the coat. The thick mane that covers the back of their heads, necks, and shoulders in male sexually dimorphic animals extends to the chest and joins a fringe that runs around the belly. 

The dark manes give the males an intimidating appearance that makes them look bigger and stockier than their competitors.

A Lion’s Diet

lion eating
Lioness via Depositphotos.

Lions are carnivores, meaning that meat makes up most of their diet. In the wild, they frequently hunt zebras, wildebeest, buffalo, giraffes, and gazelles. They can occasionally kill juvenile elephants, hippopotamuses, and even rhinoceros.

Because they are opportunistic feeders, they will eat everything edible in their path. When nothing else appeals, you can observe lions gorging themselves on birds, rodents, reptiles, and hares.

Geographical Distribution of African Lions

lion on savannah

The African lion subspecies are separated from one another by huge territories devoid of lions. While lions once roamed freely across the majority of the African continent, they now only inhabit a small number of sparsely populated regions in southern and central Africa.

In the past, lions could be found from India to Greece, but humans gradually wiped out these populations over the course of centuries. The only remaining sanctuary for a tiny number of Asiatic lions is the Gir Forest National Park in India.

Lion pride makes their home in savannahs and grasslands near rivers and other freshwater sources.

It’s easier for them to move around in sparsely populated woodlands than it is for them to battle and hunt in open spaces. 




Gorillas are large, strong, and stocky primates with solid hands, broad shoulders, forearms shorter than their upper arms, and strong legs. They have a black, hairless face, big nostrils, and small, close-set eyes. 

Adult males are known as silverbacks because of their lower back’s gray or silver hairs and prominent sagittal crest, which indicates powerful jaw muscles. Although they do not have as prominent a crest as males, females also have one.

A Gorilla’s Diet

gorilla eating

Gorillas are primarily herbivorous and consume lots of plant matter while having massive, muscular bodies. The fruits and vegetables that they eat are available in the wild. However, gorillas also eat insects, providing them with the majority of their protein needs. 

The tales of gorillas eating humans are fabrications. And contrary to Chimpanzees, Gorillas rarely partake in cannibalism or the eating of other animals.

Although a gorilla’s food can vary based on where it lives, there are themes across gorilla diets everywhere. As a result, we’ve determined the top 10 foods that gorillas typically eat. 

Gorillas eat primarily vegetarian foods. They eat leaves and stems, ingesting insects or other small animals that are on them as well. They can also be observed nibbling on crops and decomposing timber.

Geographical Distribution of Gorillas

walking gorilla

In Africa, gorillas inhabit the jungle surrounding the continent’s mountain ranges. 

The woodlands of equatorial Africa are home to lowland or western gorillas. Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Central African Republic are countries with populations.

The eastern region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo serves as the native habitat for eastern gorillas. Eastern gorillas can be found in lowlands or mountains. Mountain gorillas reside between 8000 and 13000 feet above sea level (2.4 to 4 kilometers).

The 7 Key Factors Between Gorilla vs. Lion

The outcome of a battle between a gorilla and a lion can be affected by a number of significant factors. The table above lists each of these parts, but now it’s time to look at how each would work.

Gorilla vs. Lion: Size

lions fighting

The larger animal will typically prevail in a fight. They frequently possess greater power, which they might employ to eliminate their opponent. Interestingly, there aren’t many significant size distinctions between a lion and a gorilla.

An adult lion can weigh up to 500 pounds, while a giant gorilla typically weighs 440 pounds. That is nearly exactly the same. The gorilla is only approximately 5 feet tall, but the lion can grow up to 8 feet.

In this instance, the lion has a slight size edge, though.

Gorilla vs. Lion: Speed and Movement Type

Lions can sprint at 35 mph, nearly ten mph faster than the fastest gorilla. When ambushing their prey, lions use their incredible speed to gain the momentum necessary to strike their target.

While doing this, gorillas use a technique known as “knuckle-walking,” which involves placing their hands on the ground and using that to help them move forward to sprint swiftly.

In terms of pure speed, lions triumph in this contest, and they also make use of that speed as a weapon. A gorilla can run at 25 mph. However, they are vulnerable to attacks mid-ride.

The advantage of speed goes to lions.

Gorilla vs. Lion: Bite Power

lion vs gorilla

Both lions and gorillas use their bite force to plow their teeth into their opponents and kill them when they engage in combat. Despite being known for their hunting prowess, lions’ biting force is just 650 PSI, comparable to that of a large dog. They do possess enormous fangs that are each 4 inches long.

gorilla vs lion

Gorillas are aggressive biters who rip through substantial vegetation with their 1300 PSI bite force as part of their feeding. Gorillas’ attacks on foes would be terrible if they used their powerful bite. They only have a 2-inch fang. Therefore they are lacking in that department.

Lions have deadlier teeth. Meanwhile, gorillas have a stronger bite.

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Gorilla vs. Lion: Intelligence

YouTube video

In terms of pure intelligence, the gorilla is superior. They are brilliant animals that can utilize tools and have been taught to use sign language to interact with humans.

The gorilla has several limitations when using one’s brain to win a battle. They could pick up and toss objects at a lion during a fight, but that wouldn’t be very helpful.

Although they are intelligent, lions lack human levels of tools and communicative intelligence. They are smart enough to plan attacks on foes, waiting until they are exposed or bringing assistance to a battle.

Although gorillas are more intelligent, lions have the edge in practical intelligence.

Gorilla vs. Lion: Senses

In terms of hearing and vision, gorillas’ senses are essentially comparable to those of humans; only their sense of smell is more developed. They are sensitive to the smells of other animals, particularly other gorillas.

The senses of a lion are significantly superior. They have outstanding daytime and nighttime eyesight. In the right circumstances, they can detect prey up to two kilometers away by the scent and have keen hearing.

Gorilla vs. Lion: Offensive Powers


The gorilla’s attacking capabilities are of great significance. Being thought to be ten times stronger than a lion, and they’ll utilize every ounce of that strength to toss, slap, and leap at their enemies. They are also capable of biting and tearing their enemies apart.

Lions also possess a great deal of power. Despite not being as physically strong, they may swiftly kill victims by sinking their deadly fangs into the most delicate regions. They can even grab hold of an adversary and use their claws to rip them to ribbons.

The Lions have the advantage in offensive powers.

Gorilla vs. Lion: Predator Behaviors

On the one hand, the gorilla is a relatively calm and tranquil animal that uses bravado, deception, and mocking to avert confrontations with other gorillas. 

They don’t hunt. But when the action begins, they are loud, hostile, and very dangerous, unleashing a series of quick blows to overwhelm opponents.

Lions, on the other hand, are natural predators. When they have the upper hand, they will lurk under cover, ambush their prey, and attack quickly to stop a conflict before it starts. 

They will fight till the last end in a protracted battle against numerous foes, but eventually, they tire. Even though they prefer to hunt covertly, lions are nevertheless capable warriors.

Who Would Be The Winner in a Fight Between a Gorilla vs. Lion?

lion with cub

There is a high chance that a lion would win in a fight against a gorilla. 

The justification shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. In the dense jungle of their native habitat, a lion will stalk and attack a gorilla by waiting until nightfall to gain the upper hand. They stand a high chance of quickly ending the conflict.

Also, the moment they collide with the gorilla, they would start biting it hard in the skull, neck, or another vulnerable area, possibly knocking it out cold before it could react. They might also do great harm in a matter of seconds by biting and clawing the gorilla.

Gorillas are intelligent enough to recognize when they are in danger, but they are too slow to flee.

The gorilla could have had a chance of survival if it had known the lion was approaching. They may change the situation with a decisive strike with their cupped hands or slamming a lion with a rock. 

Since they are both highly aggressive creatures, a protracted battle might be devastating. Even then, the lion would triumph because of its superior strength, which would compensate for its relative lack of endurance.

A lion has a high chance of defeating a gorilla in a one-on-one battle. However, a lion rarely engages in alone combat. Even if this conflict developed into a pack battle involving many animals, lions would prevail since their packs are much more significant.

Are Lions or Gorillas a Bigger Threat to Humans?

Attacks by lions result in 200 or so fatalities annually. Because they attack with the intent to kill rather than defend themselves, lions pose a more significant threat to humans than gorillas.

Only when they feel threatened and need to defend their troops may gorillas pose a threat to humans. They would initially create a lot of commotion to frighten you away since they would like to avoid assaulting you as much as possible.

Up to this point, neither gorillas in captivity nor gorillas in the wild have killed any humans.

Summary on Gorilla vs Lion: Ultimate Fight

YouTube video

Key Points
Lions are carnivores, meaning that meat makes up most of their diet. In the wild, they frequently hunt zebras, wildebeest, buffalo, giraffes, and gazelles. The fruits and vegetables that gorillas consume are locally available in the wild.
In Africa, gorillas inhabit the jungle surrounding the continent’s mountain ranges. The only remaining sanctuary for a tiny number of Asiatic lions is the Gir Forest National Park in India.
An adult lion can weigh up to 500 pounds, while a giant gorilla typically weighs 440 pounds. 
Attacks by lions result in 200 or so fatalities annually. Because they attack with the intent to kill rather than defend themselves, lions pose a more significant threat to humans than gorillas.
Gorillas are more intelligent but lions have the edge in practical intelligence.
The lion sprints to its enemies while the gorilla moves by knuckle-walking

The gorilla’s jaw is gigantic and powerful compared to a typical lion. It also has more muscular forearms and is thicker and bulkier, giving the lion a potentially fatal punch. Despite being friendly and calm, a gorilla may be dangerous and will defend itself if startled.

Do not, however, undervalue the lion’s anatomy, making it a true predator skilled in killing. He has a robust, muscular build, and his sharp claws might seriously hurt the silverback if he were to scath it. 

However, the thick covering of hair on their forearms shields them from deep wounds. Moreover, lions are not as intelligent as gorillas, who can defend themselves using tools like tree bark.

Either side could win the battle. This is due to a gorilla’s prowess in lifting and throwing and intimidating size, which allows it a better chance of frightening away a potentially dangerous lone lion. The gorilla is poised to take home the trophy unless the pride of lions assaults an underdog.

Thank you for reading this article! If you want to know more about the gorilla and their cousins head over to read about Primates and Where to Find Them.

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