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The Greatest Great White Shark Ever Found on Video

great white shark

In this post we’ll discuss the biggest great white shark ever found.

Okay, so we hear a lot of daunting facts about sharks. For example, they have colossal razor-sharp teeth, long, large bodies, and ferocious hunting skills.

However, what do you know about specific shark species, such as the great white shark? And more importantly, what do you know about the biggest great white shark ever found? After having read this article, you’ll know all about it.

Let’s familiarize ourselves with these oceanic beasts!

A Brief Look at the Great White Shark Family

Human Saves a Stranded Great White Shark

Before we dive into the deep blue seas to discover the biggest great white shark ever found, we need a brief overview of this family of ferocious fish.

Firstly, the great white sharks are the most prominent family of predatory fish known to man. They have large bodies and can measure up to 20 feet in length, depending on their environment. Therefore, these fish are easily visible to divers and swimmers alike.

Secondly, these fish are very lethal. And with rows of razor-sharp teeth that fill their giant mouths, you don’t want to mess around with one of these predators. In the end, when you combine its size, appearance, and predatory behaviors, the great white shark becomes a menacing foe.
But why are great white sharks so great, especially in size?

Why Are Great White Sharks So Large?

great white shark

As earlier stated, great white sharks are so large that they can measure up to 20 feet. They reach as much as 5,000 pounds in weight. This is the average for a female great white shark and in contrast to most other species in the animal kingdom, the females grow larger than the males. Although still huge, the males don’t reach quite the same size. The male species weigh up to 4,000 pounds and can grow as long as 13 feet. Therefore, size is the easiest way to differentiate between the sexes.

So, we move on to why these great white sharks are so large. Firstly, and most importantly, great white sharks never stop growing. They take between 20-30 years to attain sexual maturity, and the older they get, the bigger they get.

However, when they do become sexually mature, their growth slows down – but it never stops completely. When you consider the fact that these great white sharks live for as long as 70 years, you can imagine why they grow to such extensive sizes.

In addition to their never-ending growth, proper feeding and a suitable environment are crucial to great white sharks’ expansion. So, an adequate food supply and a lack of predators (e.g orcas) are factors that heavily impact their size. In other words, the more these sharks eat, the larger they can grow.

That was the marine biology lesson for today. Let’s move on to why you’re here in the first place; the biggest great white shark ever found – the greatest of the greatest.

What’s The Biggest Great White Shark Ever Found? A Look at Deep Blue

YouTube video

We take a trip back to the 2014 episode of “Jaws Strikes Back” to discover the famous female shark named “Deep Blue.” Mauricio Padila discovered Deep Blue in Mexico. This huge shark was filmed for the famous Shark Week series, and everyone was amazed.
You see, Deep Blue is the biggest great white shark ever found. At the time she was discovered, Deep Blue was already 20 feet in length and weighed around 4,500 pounds.

In addition to her frightening size, scientists believed Deep Blue was heavily pregnant. And when we say heavy, we mean heavily pregnant. When you consider that bigger sharks produce a bigger litter, imagine the litter the biggest white shark ever found would be able to produce.

Furthermore, scientists believe Deep Blue is around 50 years old. With that in mind, Deep Blue isn’t done growing yet. Therefore, we expect her to live and grow for another 20 years.

Where Can I Find The Biggest Great White Shark Ever Found?

Deep Blue was spotted off the Coast of Guadalupe Island in Mexico. She was last spotted in Hawaii when she was caught by residents scavenging for food from a sperm whale carcass.

What Would Happen If You Took A Deep Dive Into The Deep Blue With Deep Blue?

great white shark

It’s now evident from the provided info that great white sharks are true beasts of nature. In other words, they are known for being massive, ferocious, and formidable creatures. They have a large appetite, and even the smallest of these creatures can make a grown human feel minute.
So, what would happen if you decided to take a dive with these menaces of the deep seas? Despite their frightening appearance, they are surprisingly docile. Take, for instance, Deep Blue, the biggest great white shark ever found.

Deep blue has been noted to interact non-aggressively with humans. One time, she approached a sea diver and even allowed one other diver to hold one of her fins. However, there are also claims that this behavior was because the shark had already fed. In other words, you don’t want to approach a great white shark when it’s hungry. At the end of the day, be sure you’re just surfing the waves or swimming safely away from the gray-and-white kings of the deep blue seas.

Thank you for reading this article! If you want to learn more about the greatest fish species of the seas, head over to read about Shark Attacks in New Jersey.

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