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Have You Seen the Rock Catch a Massive Fish?

the rock catches massive fish
Image by @ESPN via YouTube

The Rock is huge so it only makes sense for him to catch a massive fish like this one.

The Rock is famous for both the movies and fights that he features in – but a much lesser-known fact is his love for fishing. He loves it so much he even has his own fish farm (I mean who wouldn’t if they were one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, right?)

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The Rock and His Love For Fishing

the rock
By Henry Villarama –, Public Domain,

If you, against all odds, aren’t familiar with the Rock (Dwayne the Rock Johnson), he’s a successful actor as well as a hardy WWE wrestler.

We’re used to seeing him in action movies, more often than not, flexing his muscles and showing off his physique. In contrast to this image, the Rock has a burning passion for something much less action-filled: a calm moment by his lake with his fishing rod for company.

When speaking about his love for fishing, the Rock takes the opportunity to remind people of the importance of your mental health – fishing is his own go-to when he needs to do some self-care.

…of Course He Has His Very Own Fish Farm

largemouth bass
Largemouth Bass. Image by Michal Dziekonski via Pixabay

Being the Rock (and being one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood) it’s no surprise that he owns a fish farm. This fish farm is located in Virginia and is the perfect escape from his busy Hollywood life.

He Trains His Fish to Be Apex Predators

Dwayne the Rock Johnson isn’t just passionate about fishing. He’s just as passionate about creating the perfect ecosystem for his scaly pets (which include largemouth bass and striped bass, amongst others.)

He gets specialists in to check the water and vegetation, and he also “feeds them like kings with live bait and trains them to be extra aggressive killers.”

An Especially Massive Fish: The Striper

He identifies the fish in the video as a striper hybrid, which is a type of fish that proves a particular challenge as they grow particularly big. Stripers, especially the hybrid variety, are known for their impressive size. They can grow to significant lengths, with some specimens reaching over 20 pounds.

The video: The Rock Catches a Massive Fish

YouTube video
“The Rock Caught a HUGE FISH (via The Rock/IG)”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: ESPN

Closing Thoughts

As you can see, the Rock has a softer side which we don’t always get to see. I guess, inside all of us, there’s always a small part that always longs for some peaceful time by the water with no to-dos.

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