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Watch: Angry Hippo Attacks Zookeeper in China

Hippo Attacks Zookeeper
Image via youtube

Welcome to Angry Hippo Attacks Zookeeper!

In this video, we will watch an intense encounter between a zookeeper and an angry hippo at the Chongsha Ecological Zoo in China’s Hunan Province.

The Incident at Chongsha Ecological Zoo

The encounter resulted from the zookeeper’s attempt to stop a fight between two bull hippos. 

As he intervened, one of the hippos took it badly and went to attack the man. 

Miraculously enough, he managed to escape the attack without a scratch.

This incident prompted the Chongsha Forestry Bureau to investigate the circumstances that led to this near-fatal situation. 

Understanding Hippo Behavior

Hippos are often perceived as gentle. However, they are among the most dangerous animals in Africa.  

Further, they are highly temperamental and territorial. 

Safety Protocols

Moreover, the attack highlights the importance of sticking to strict safety measures and protocols in zoos. 

Following this incident, the zoo’s management revisited and reinforced the staff training.

This protects the caretakers and ensures the animals’ well-being. Consequently preventing unnecessary stress and aggression. 

The Video

“Lucky To Be Alive Hungry Hippo Almost Tried To Kill Zoo Keeper” via Koneyrah

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