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Horse Wins the Tour de France

Horse. Image by Silje Midtgard via Unsplash

Recently, a video of a horse competing in the Tour de France went viral after the horse went ahead and won the whole thing. This article takes you on a tour of the fascinating world of horses, and you can learn about their amazing qualities that contributed to the amazing achievement shown in the video.

Read to the end to watch the video!

Anatomy and Physiology

horse running
Horse running. Image by Sarah Olive via Unsplash

Horses, with their elegant forms and muscular bodies, are naturally amazing athletes.

They can travel incredible distances really fast thanks to their long, strong legs, which are built for endurance and speed.

The viral video shows how powerful a horse’s legs are as it gallops beside the cyclists. Furthermore, horses’ big hearts allow them to pump blood full of oxygen to their muscles, which helps them maintain their amazing endurance.

A Determination Unmatched

Hanoverian horse
Picture of young Hanoverian horse standing in grass. Image via depositphotos.

In spite of the fact that the horse had to jump a fence to join the race, the horse became a fierce competitor, even passing the cyclists and taking the race lead.

Horses are creatures of instinct, driven by an unrelenting desire to run. And this viral video perfectly showcases this intrinsic quality.

Human-Horse Connection

Horses in a field. Image by Annika Treial via Unsplash

The close relationship that exists between people and horses dates back centuries and is an example of a mutually beneficial relationship with deep ties. Perhaps this why horses can sense the feelings and intentions of people – even being wary of bad people.

Racing to Victory: The Footage

“Horse joins the bike race,” Source: TikTok, Uploaded: @itsnickholiday

Incredibly, the horse, once part of the peloton, sped ahead to the tête de la course, leaving the cyclists behind. Nothing could stop the horse now, they kept up their lead all the way to the finish line.


A scenic picture of horses. Image by Joseph Daniel via Unsplash

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