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Horse Makes Attack on Alligator to Protect Her Foal

horse makes an attack on alligator

This footage shows a wild horse embodying the power of maternal instincts – she makes an attack on an alligator, all with her beloved foal’s best interests at heart.

Being apex predators, alligators do not have any natural enemies. But that doesn’t mean that they are completely free of danger! Even alligators need to stay vigilant too. Given the right timing, unexpected animals in unexpected scenarios can easily overpower this reptilian.

horse makes an attack on alligator
©FOX 13 Tampa Bay – YouTube

The Defensive Mechanisms of Horses

  • Speed: Horses can reach speeds up to 55 mph, which aids in quick escape.
  • Kicking Power: A horse’s kick can exert force up to 2000 pounds per square inch.
  • Teeth: They use their teeth for biting when cornered or to protect their young.
  • Heightened Senses: Exceptional hearing and smell help in detecting predators early.
  • Herding: Staying in groups for collective defense against predators.
  • Stamina: Long-lasting endurance to outrun predators.

Is It Rare to Find Horses and Alligators In the Same Environment?

Horses and alligators coexisting is not a common sight, as they inhabit extremely contrasting environments. Horses, being primarily terrestrial animals, thrive in open fields and meadows, while alligators are aquatic creatures that prefer living in wetlands and swamps.

However, in areas where these habitats overlap, such as in certain regions of the southern United States, it’s not impossible to encounter both species within proximity. In this instant, the two species encountered each other in the Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park, Florida.

Horse Makes Attack On Alligator: The Footage

YouTube video

The footage was captured by a group of people visiting the park who were lucky enough to bump into both an alligator and wild horses at the same time!

The alligator is simply minding its own business, but the horse nevertheless realizes the potential threat the reptile holds. Galloping out of the bushes, heading straight for the alligator, she makes her surprise attack. Spectators assume that it’s a mama horse making the attack, as there’s a foal with her.

Angrily the alligator snaps back but probably understands that the chance of being fatally crushed is too big, and retreats.

How Mama Horses Protect Their Foals

Mother horses, or mares, exhibit a deep maternal instinct, especially evident in the protection of their foals – just like seen in this video. This protection manifests in various ways:

  • Vigilance: Constantly monitoring the environment for potential threats.
  • Physical Barrier: Positioning themselves between the foal and danger.
  • Aggressive Posturing: Displaying aggressive behavior to intimidate predators.
  • Teaching: Guiding foals on survival tactics and escape routes. The video exemplifies these protective behaviors, showing the extent a mare will go to safeguard her offspring.

What Animal Is the Horse’s Worst Enemy?

While horses do not have a specific ‘worst enemy,’ they are naturally wary of predators that pose a threat to them in the wild. These include large carnivores like wolves, coyotes, and, in some regions, big cats like cougars.

However, alligators do not usually form part of their list of enemies. But we should never say never!

Human activity also poses a significant threat to horses, both in the wild and in domesticated environments. Loss of habitat, poaching, and accidents are common dangers horses face from human interactions.

Horse Makes Attack On Alligator: Conclusion

Although there’s countless footage of various alligator attacks – there’s very little (if any) that involves a horse. This mama horse protecting her foal especially highlights the protective instincts of horses.

This rare meeting was likewise a rare instance of cohabitation between two vastly different species. Such moments remind us of the diverse and intricate nature of wildlife and the importance of understanding and preserving these natural environments.

Thank you for reading this article about the horse that makes an attack on an alligator! For more amazing alligators, take a look at these posts:

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