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House Cat Becomes Foster Dad to Abandon Squirrel

cat foster dad to squirrel
Image via Pawsome Tales

Discover the heartwarming story of Tiger, a cat who becomes the foster dad to Tintin, a squirrel rescued after a fall.

An Unlikely Rescue

One April afternoon in 2014, Decan Andersen, a single father living in Denmark, witnessed a startling event: a baby squirrel fell from the fourth floor of his apartment building. 

Tintin, The young squirrel, was badly injured from the fall, bleeding and helpless on the ground in Andersen’s yard. 

Andersen took it upon himself to rescue the tiny creature. However, little did he know that he was setting the stage for an extraordinary cross-species friendship that no one could have predicted.

A Rocky Start to a Remarkable Friendship

cat foster dad to squirrel
Image via Pawsome Tales

The introduction of Tintin to Andersen’s pet cat, Tiger, had a pretty rocky start.

Further, Tiger displayed signs of hostility towards the tiny newcomer. This is not uncommon, as cats are territorial and can be wary of unfamiliar animals

However, this uncertainty transformed into a touching bond between the two as time passed. 

Tiger’s instincts shifted from hostility to protection. He gradually adopted a role akin to that of Tintin’s older brother or even a foster father.

Brotherhood of Different Stripes

Moreover, as Tintin and Tiger’s relationship deepened, their unique companionship became a heartwarming example of interspecies friendship. 

Tiger took to his role of protector and mentor with surprising earnestness. Further, he was often seen grooming Tintin, sharing his space, and providing warmth and comfort. 

Lastly, this unusual pairing highlights the adaptable and social nature of cats. Their story continues to inspire and charm all who learn of the cheeky squirrel and his protective feline friend.

The Video

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“A house CAT became the foster DAD of an abandoned Squirrel” via Pawsome Tales

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