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Hunter Saves Baby Deer Close to Drowning and Brings It Home

hunter saves baby deer
Image by LoboPro Predator Control via YouTube

Many people assume that hunters a heartless killers, but this is far from the truth. This amazing rescue story of a hunter who saves a baby deer shows how they acatually tend to have a much greater respect and understanding of Mother Nature than your average Joe Soap.

The Rescue

hunter saves baby deer
Image by LoboPro Predator Control via YouTube

The hunter was out in the forest when he sprang into action to do his good deed of the day (or maybe even his good deed of the year). A tiny little baby deer had fallen into a river, fighting for its life against the cold and powerful current.

After getting the baby deer out of the icy water, it sits shaking in his lap as he ponders where to go from here.

He decides the best thing will be to bring it home and get it dry and warm – or else it might die from both shock and hypothermia.

Baby Deer Comes Home

hunter saves baby deer
Image by LoboPro Predator Control via YouTube

The baby deer comes home, and soon it’s both warm, dry and a lot calmer.

After having called local wildlife authorities it’s confirmed that the hunter had done the right thing by bringing it home, but also that he needs to release it back into the wild soon thereafter before the baby deer becomes adjusted to humans.

Mother Deers Can Leave Fawns for Up to 24 Hours at a Time

You might think that it’s a death sentence to release the deer back into the wild; after all, the mother deer was nowhere to be seen. This is not the case.

It’s extremely common for mama deers to leave their babies alone for long periods of time (up to 24 hours!) This is to keep bloodthirsty predators away – a full-grown deer can be fairly easy to spot whereas a baby can be well hidden, so sometimes a baby deer might just be safer without its mom around.

Sign That a Baby Deer Has Been Abandoned

In some cases though, it could be that a baby deer has been abandoned though. There are some telltale signs that hint at this.

If the baby deer is covered with ticks and fleas, seems weak and/or unable to move, or if it cries out for hours on end – then you know you should intervene.

The Video

YouTube video
“Deer fawn saved from drowning by heartless trapper”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: LoboPro Predator Control

Although the hunter had time to get kind of attached to his dear deer friend (who wouldn’t, with that adorable face?) he understands the laws of nature and brings it back to the place where it was rescued.

Hunter Saves Baby Deer: Wrapping Up

This rescue story really does prove that hunters are far from the heartless killers they’re unfairly labelled as.

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