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Watch: Lion Catches Antelope Mid-Air Attack

lion catches antelope mid-air

Lions have earned the title “king of the savannah” being experienced hunters. The lion in this video leaps up and catches the antelope mid-air, bringing it crashing down, and then quickly sinks their teeth into its well-earned meal.

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Jumping Abilities: Antelope Vs. Lion

Photo by joel herzog via Unsplash

Antelopes are remarkable at jumping, able of leaping up to 10 feet high and covering distances of 30 feet in a single bound – a survival mechanism to escape predators.

But sometimes, jumping can’t save them.

Lions are not typically known for their jumping prowess, but rather their strength and speed. However, this video illustrates that under the right circumstances and with calculated moves, a lion can match the antelope’s extraordinary jumps.

Speed: Lion Vs. Antelope

lion roaring
Image by Michael Siebert from Pixabay

In the wild, speed is a critical survival factor. Lions, can reach speeds of up to 50 mph in short bursts, making them formidable hunters. However, where antelopes lack in speed they make up for in endurance, sustaining speeds of 40 mph over longer distances.

In other words, lions rely on surprise and short, powerful sprints, while antelopes depend on their stamina and agility to escape.

Are Antelopes the Lion’s Favorite Snack?

lion with antelope kill
Image by minoandriani2 via Depositphotos

While lions are opportunistic feeders, antelopes form a significant part of their diet in the African savannah. Their preference for antelopes is due to the antelope’s abundance and the nutritional value they offer.

A single antelope can provide a substantial meal for a lion pride, making them a favored target, especially for lionesses, who are the primary hunters.

How Antelopes Fight Back

antelopes fighting
Photo by Leeroy Johnstone via Unsplash

Antelopes have evolved several defense mechanisms against predators like lions. Their incredible speed and agility are their primary assets. They are also highly alert and have excellent senses, which help them detect predators early.

In groups, antelopes often take turns watching for danger, and when threatened, they use their powerful legs to deliver strong kicks that can injure or deter a predator.

How Many Lions Can an Antelope Feed?

Image by Pexels via Pixabay

The amount of food a single antelope can provide depends on its size and the age and number of lions in the pride.

An adult blesbok, weighing around 150 pounds, can feed a small group of lions. However, for larger prides, multiple antelopes or larger prey might be necessary to satisfy their hunger. It’s a constant struggle for survival, with lions needing to hunt regularly to sustain their prides.

The Circle of Life in the Wild

lion cub
Image by Tobi from Pixabay

Sometimes, the circle of life is a beautiful thing – just like the opening scene to the Lion King. But the other side of that same coin is violent moments like this one.

While the hunt may seem brutal, it is a natural and necessary part of life in the African savannah.

Lion Catches Antelope: Conclusion

antelope in watering hole
Photo by Alex via Unsplash

The video of a lion capturing an antelope in mid-air is a spectacular display of nature’s drama. If you’re prey on the African Savannah, you clearly always have to be on your guard and have the ability to uproot your enemy.

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