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Watch: Kitten Almost Eaten by Hawk in Los Angeles

Kitten Almost Eaten by Hawk
Youtube / @GabrielM

A recent video captures a stunning encounter in Los Angeles, a striking reminder of the intersection between urban living and wildlife. 

Filmed in a McDonald’s parking lot in Ladera Heights. The footage shows a Red-Tailed Hawk, attracted by a baby kitten, swooping down onto a car’s windshield. 

This article delves into the details of this unusual encounter. Highlighting the adaptability of urban wildlife and the importance of pet safety.

The Hawk’s Unexpected Visit

The video showcases the incredible precision and vision of the Red-Tailed Hawk, a bird known for its keen eyesight. It spots the kitten from a distance, demonstrating its natural hunting instincts even in an urban setting. 

The hawk’s persistence, as it tried to reach the kitten through the glass and remained undeterred even as the car moved, underscores the adaptiveness of these birds to urban environments.

Identifying the Red-Tailed Hawk

Initially mistaken for a pigeon hawk, the bird was later identified as a Red-Tailed Hawk. These are a common raptor in North America. This species is known for adapting well to various environments, including urban areas, and its presence in a city like Los Angeles is not uncommon.

Urban Wildlife and Adaptation

This incident of the kitten almost getting eaten by the Hawk is a vivid example of how wildlife adapts to urban settings. Cities provide various opportunities for birds of prey, including ample food sources and nesting sites. However, it also leads to unexpected encounters like this, where the natural behaviors of wildlife intersect with human activities.

The Importance of Pet Safety

The video serves as a crucial reminder to never leave pets unattended, especially in areas with wildlife. Small pets can be particularly vulnerable to birds of prey. This encounter emphasizes the need for awareness and caution to protect pets in urban areas.


In conclusion, the encounter between the Red-Tailed Hawk and the kitten in Los Angeles is more than just a dramatic moment. It’s a snapshot of the ever-evolving relationship between urban spaces and wildlife. 

Lastly, it highlights the importance of understanding and respecting the presence of wildlife in cities and the need for responsible pet ownership.

Thank you for following along this article about the kitten that almost got eaten by a hawk. I truly hope you enjoyed it!

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