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Kitten Takes Ducklings on an Adventure to Find a Treasure

kitten ducklings adventure
Image by 土豆の日記Cat's diary via YouTube

What’s cuter than a kitten or a duckling? Kittens and ducklings that are friends of course. This is an adorable story of a kitten who take an adorable gang of ducklings on an adventure.

But First – Have You Ever Wondered Why Ducklings Are Yellow?

Before we get deeper into the stories let’s answer this question – have you ever wondered why ducklings are yellow? 

Their colour is definitely one of the main reasons that ducklings are so ridiculously adorable, but there’s a bigger reason behind this iconic look. The bright yellow coloring helps mother ducks easily spot their young in dense vegetation, ensuring safety from predators. 

Can Cats and Ducks Be Friends?

kitten ducklings adventure
Image by 土豆の日記Cat’s diary via YouTube

Contrary to what one might expect, cats and ducks can indeed form unusual but strong bonds. The kitten in the video shows this by not only being friendly towards its duckling friends, it goes one step further and takes on the role of a caregiver and guide to this cute and fluffy gang.

Always proceed with caution though! A full-grown cat might not be as friendly to ducklings (or possibly even outright dangerous.)

Kitten Takes Ducklings on an Adventure

YouTube video
“The kitten is so funny,taking the duck to find treasure!The treasure contains delicious cute”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: 土豆の日記Cat’s diary

The Kitten in the video is babysitting 7 ducklings for the day and decides to take them on an adventure – an adventure with a treasure as its end goal.

Their walk ends at a giant puddle, which serves both as bathtime and an opportunity to snack (on the tiny shrimp found in the puddle.)

The Best End To Any Day: Naptime

kitten ducklings adventure
Image by 土豆の日記Cat’s diary via YouTube

After their adventure, both the kitten and ducklings are in need of a well-deserved nap. They all cuddle up together in one big fluffy ball, and we’re once again struck by this kitten’s incredible caring instincts.

Wrapping Up

Kittens and ducklings are both adorable respectively, but when they come together and hang out as friends I’d like to argue that they become exponentially adorable. Who could resist all this fluff?

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