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Labrador Going Scuba Diving Causes Internet Uproar

labrador going scuba diving

This video of a labrador going scuba diving has gone viral for very contrasting reasons. On the one hand, we can’t help but find it outrageously cute. But on a more serious note, it has initiated a very relevant discussion about the ethical considerations and the overall responsibility of pet ownership.

labrador going scuba diving
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The Heated Debate

For many viewers, this is yet another adorable dog video making its rounds on the internet. Of course, they are not wrong in thinking this; who knew anyone could look so cute in a scuba diving suit? From personal experience, diving outfits are amongst the most unflattering attires.

On the other hand, though, the video has caused a significant uproar of people pointing out the potential cruelty. Critics argue that subjecting a dog to deep-sea diving can be both stressful and dangerous for the animal. At the end of the day, this doggo doesn’t really have a say in whether it wants to go diving or not.

The debate extends to the broader ethical considerations of using animals for human entertainment, especially in scenarios that might push the animals beyond their comfort zones.

What do you think?

Labrador Going Scuba Diving: The Expedition

While bearing the problematic ethical considerations in mind, we can still appreciate just how adorable this doggo looks during its deep-sea expedition.

The Labrador is fitted with both a diving suit and a diving helmet. It’s allowed to enjoy a landscape it never even knew existed – the world under the ocean’s surface.

While we cannot know for sure, this labrador going scuba diving does look quite enthralled by this unparalleled experience.

Is it True that All Dogs Can Swim?

Contrary to popular belief, not all dogs possess an innate ability to swim.

Factors such as breed, body fat composition, and health conditions can significantly impact a dog’s swimming capabilities. For instance, breeds like Dobermans and Boxers, which have low body fat, may struggle in water.

Age, health conditions like hip dysplasia, and exposure to cold water also play critical roles in determining a dog’s ability to swim.

Can Dogs Hold Their Breath?

Dogs, like other non-aquatic mammals, can instinctively hold their breath underwater.

This is a capability that can be attributed to the mammalian diving reflex. The reflex involves the automatic closure of the windpipe to prevent water from entering the lungs and a slowdown in heartbeat to reduce oxygen demand.

However, the duration dogs can hold their breath is relatively short – on average, not more than between 5 to 10 seconds. That being said, this capacity varies among breeds, with those having longer snouts and larger lung volumes capable of staying underwater longer​​​​.

3 Dog Breeds That Can’t Swim and Why

  • Bulldogs (English and French): Bulldogs have flat faces, barrel-shaped bodies, and short legs. These traits combined make swimming a significant challenge for them. The flat face, in particular, makes it difficult for bulldogs to keep their noses above water to breathe effectively​​.
  • Pugs: Pugs enjoy wading and splashing in shallow water, but their flat faces pose a challenge for breathing, especially when trying to keep their heads above water.
  • Basset Hounds: Basset Hounds have large heads and short legs, which are not conducive to swimming. Additionally, their large, floppy ears are prone to infections when they get wet, adding another layer of difficulty and risk when they are in water​

Labrador Going Scuba Diving: Conclusion

labrador retriver

The viral video of a dog going scuba diving scores really high when it comes to cuteness! However, in many ways, it also gets a high score when it comes to questionable pet ownership.

In my opinion, we can nonetheless enjoy this adorable sight (hoping the dog did in fact have a great experience exploring our marine world.) But perhaps it’s also food for thought: how do we know if we’re doing something with our pet’s best interests at heart? Or doing something to get lots of views on social media?

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