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Get Hooked: Uncovering the 7 Biggest Sharks on Earth

great white shark
Great white shark. Image by Sushko via Unsplash

Are you ready to dive into the deep blue sea and explore the largest sharks in the world? These magnificent creatures amaze us with their immense size, unique adaptations, and incredible longevity. Let’s uncovering the largest species of sharks in the world!


Each species has its own story, from the fearsome and awe-inspiring tiger shark to the mysterious and elusive megamouth shark. Also, the world’s largest and most impressive sharks fascinate many of us. These enormous creatures are often depicted as vicious predators, yet they are crucial for obtaining a healthy balance of the ocean ecosystem. 

This article will explore seven massive marvels and learn more about their unique characteristics. From their anatomy to their lifecycle, no stone will be unturned as we uncover all you need to know about these seven largest species of sharks in the world!

Great White Shark 

great white shark

The Great White Shark is one of the most fascinating creatures in the ocean, known for its powerful presence and apex predator status. These sharks can be 20 feet long and weigh over 5,000 pounds, making them some of the giant sharks in the world.

Moreover, they have a reputation for being aggressive, but Great Whites are intelligent and curious creatures that are misunderstood. One interesting fact about Great Whites is that they have up to 300 teeth at any given time and can go through thousands of teeth in their lifetime. 

Despite their terrifying appearance, these remarkable creatures play a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance of the ocean’s ecosystem.

Basking Shark 

YouTube video

The basking shark is a fascinating creature that inhabits the world’s oceans. This gentle giant is the second largest shark species in the world, growing up to 33 feet in length and weighing up to 10,000 pounds. 

Despite its massive size, the basking shark feeds mainly on plankton, filtering seawater through its gills to obtain the tiny organisms. Moreover, the basking shark’s distinctive appearance sets it apart from other sharks – it sports a large, gaping mouth and a pointed snout. 

This species’ extraordinary capacity to control its body temperature, which enables it to adjust to various water temperatures, is another intriguing aspect. It is understandable why the basking shark has enthralled people for so long.

Whale Shark 

whale shark

Whale sharks are unique, frightening, and captivating creatures. Also, it is one of the most giant fish in the world. These gentle giants of the sea can reach lengths of 40 feet. Despite their massive size, they are filter feeders and only eat plankton, making them harmless to humans. 

Another interesting fact is that their skin can be up to four inches thick and has a distinctive pattern of light spots on a dark background, unique to each individual. In addition, their incredibly long life span, which can extend to 100 years, is another interesting fact about whale sharks. 

With their impressive size and gentle nature, whale sharks continue to amaze and inspire people worldwide.

The whale shark is the largest of all the species of shark, which can be awe-inspiring when spotted out in the wild. With slow swimming patterns and passive behaviour, they are considered harmless to humans but still have a powerful presence that can make their appearance a genuinely memorable experience.

Want to see one in real life? Find out where to dive with whale sharks here.

Megamouth Shark

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The Megamouth Shark is one of the three known species of filter-feeding sharks. This elusive creature was first discovered in 1976 when it accidentally got tangled in a United States Navy anchor. Since then, only about 100 sightings have been spotted worldwide, making it one of the rarest sharks. 

Moreover, the Megamouth Shark is one of the giant sharks. Reaching lengths of up to 18 feet and weighing as much as 2.5 metric tons. It also has a unique feeding method that involves close swimming to the surface to filter planktonic organisms. 

With their mysterious nature and impressive size, it’s no wonder the Megamouth Shark continues to fascinate shark enthusiasts worldwide.

Tiger Shark


The tiger shark is one of the most intriguing creatures in the sea. With its distinctive stripes and massive size, this apex predator is both fearsome and awe-inspiring. 

In addition to being skilled hunters, tiger sharks possess an incredible sense of smell. This enables them to detect even the faintest traces of blood in the water from miles away. 

Another interesting fact about tiger sharks is that they are one of the few species that can enter freshwater. Whether you’re a marine biologist or simply a lover of marine life, the tiger shark is a creature worth learning more about.

Greenland Shark 

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The Greenland shark is another giant shark in the world. It is a large, slow-moving fish found mainly in deep waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, from Labrador to Iceland and as far south as Massachusetts. The Greenland shark can grow up to 24ft long, with some specimens growing even longer! 

Although they have been around for centuries, very little is known about this mysterious creature due to its preference for living in cold depths of up to 3,000 feet. However, technology has enabled us better to understand their behavior and ecology in recent years.

Unlike many other shark species, the Greenland shark feeds mainly on fish and invertebrates in the deep ocean. They also scavenge for seals, whales, and even polar bears, although humans rarely witness this behavior.

The Greenland shark has an incredibly long lifespan – with some specimens estimated to be almost 400 years old! This makes it one of the longest-living vertebrate species on Earth.

Due to its remote habitat and secretive nature, this incredible creature is still relatively unknown among people outside of scientific circles. However, as our knowledge of its behavior increases, so does our appreciation for this mysterious giant of the sea.

Hammerhead Shark  

Rare 14-foot pregnant hammerhead shark washes up on Alabama beach with 40 pups

The Hammerhead Shark is one of the largest species of shark in the world and stands out from the rest by its distinct, hammer-shaped head. This unique feature gives it an advantage when locating prey or navigating its environment. The Hammerhead is found globally in tropical and warm temperate waters, often near coral reefs or coastal areas. They are typically solitary creatures but sometimes gather in small schools during feeding times.

There are nine species of Hammerhead Sharks: Scalloped Hammerhead, Great Hammerhead, Smooth Hammerhead, Bonnethead, Winghead Shark, Smalleye Hammerhead, Scoophead Shark, Broad Hammerhead, and Dwarf Hammerhead. The Great Hammerhead is the largest of all species.

These sharks have a diet of mainly fish, but they are also known for their scavenging habits. They sometimes feed on other small aquatic animals, such as squid or octopus. They serve as a valuable food source for other animals in the ecosystem and are an integral part of the food chain in some regions.

The overfishing and habitat devastation people brought are why the hammerhead shark is a threatened species. Nonetheless, attempts are in progress to conserve this species to keep it safe from other populations. 



In conclusion, these seven largest sharks are fascinating creatures that continue to captivate people worldwide. From the Great White Shark’s powerful presence to the Greenland Shark’s mysterious nature, each species has unique characteristics that make them remarkable. 

Despite their intimidating appearance, many of these sharks play a crucial role in maintaining the ocean’s delicate ecosystem, making them essential for the health of our planet. 

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