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Lion Scratches on Door to Come Inside

Lion Scratch on Bedroom Door
Image via ChocolateTyBeats

Cat owners are familiar with the sound of their cat scratching a door to come inside, but who knew this was something that other cat species did! I mean, imagine waking up to a huge lion scratching at your bedroom door! That’s exactly what happened in this surprising video.

Would You Let Him Inside the Room?

Would you consider opening your door to let a lion bunk in your room? After all, they’re just cats.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they’d make very good roommates, they are notoriously lazy! Oh, and there’s also the fact that they are carnivores that can kill and eat you – bummer.

Why Do Cats Scratch?

cat scratching post
Domestic cat sharpening claws on a scratching post. Image via Depositphotos

All cats scratch. House cats will often try their luck with your furniture, so it’s best that they have a nice scratching post to scratch on instead.

The main reason cats scratch is to keep their claws sharp for hunting and defending themselves. It also helps them stretch their muscles, and they mark their territory with scent glands found in their paws. 

However – if you see a cat (like this lion) scratching at a door, it probably wants to enter!

2 Fun Facts About Lions

  1. Lions Have Babysitters: When some of the lionesses go out hunting, others stay behind to babysit all the cubs. This teamwork makes them one of the most socially adept big cats!
  2. Lions “Hug” to Greet: Lions are more affectionate than you’d think. They often greet each other by rubbing their heads and faces together.

The Video

YouTube video
“What would you do when the king of the jungle shows up on your front door” Source: YouTube, Uploaded: ChocolateTyBeats

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