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Magpie Bird Is Reunited with Her Dog Best Friend

dog and magpie are best friends
Image by Global News via YouTube

This is a seriously unlikely duo and an even more unlikely story. You’re about to get to know Molly the magpie and Peggy the dog, but most importantly: the tale of how they became best friends.

The Beginning of Their Friendship

dog and magpie are best friends
Image by Global News via YouTube

Molly (the magpie) came into Peggy’s (a Staffordshire terrier) life when Peggy’s family rescued this Australian native bird back in 2020. 

Birds and dogs are definitely an unconventional duo – but who’s to say they can’t be besties? 

While they took some time to get used to each other Peggy and Molly quickly became two peas in a pod. They’d share meals and nap together, just like any besties would. 

Two Besties Are Separated

However, the friendship between Molly and Peggy faced a significant hurdle when local authorities intervened.

Having become internet celebrities due to their unique friendship, they had many fans – but also a few so called “haters”. They raised concerns about the safety of the bird, and authorities decided to separate them.

The story of their separation touched their many fans, leading to a vigorous campaign for their reunion.

An Illegal Friendship?

The main reason for separating the two besties was due to legal restrictions concerning the keeping of native wildlife as pets – such as magpie birds. In Australia you need a special license to own species like magpies domestically.

Although the intentions of this law are good (to make sure that native species don’t become dependent on humans) its heartbreaking that it should keep two best friends apart. 

The Video: Friendship Conquers All

YouTube video
Molly the magpie reunites with ‘best friend’ dog after public outcry”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Global News

Thankfully we can let out a sigh of relief: this amazing duo was reunited at last. After 6 six weeks Molly came back home – the fans’ anger and public outcry had made a difference.

Dog and Magpie Are the Best of Friends: Wrapping Up

I feel like it’s safe to conclude that friendship conquers all and that we often find our best friends in the unlikeliest of places.

Thank you for reading this article about the dog and magpie that are best friends! For more unexpected friendships, take a look here:

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