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Mama Bear Refuses to Abandon Her Cubs

Mama Bear Refuses to Abandon Her Cubs
Mama Bear Refuses to Abandon Her Cubs. Image by We Love Animals via YouTube
Bear Refuses to Abandon Her Cubs. Credit: We Love Animals – Source: YouTube

What stronger bond is there than a mothers love for her child? The video above is a perfect example of this. In the footage, the mother bear gets all her babies to safety at all costs. The obstacle came when they reached a tall fence, as the mother bear leaped up with ease, she managed to pull the first cub over. Whereas, the second one was a bit more tricky. Alas, the mother bear did not leave any solider behind! She kept trying and then eventually, by the scruff of the cubs head (literally), she hoisted the little bear over the fence to safety.

Join us as we explore the maternal instincts of a mother brown bear…

A Mothers Love For Her children

Mama Bear Refuses to Abandon Her Cubs
Mama Bear Refuses to Abandon Her Cubs. Image by We Love Animals via YouTube
  • Mother bears have strong maternal instincts. They protect their cubs at all costs and nurture their cubs from birth until they are independent.
  • Mama bears form strong bonds with their cubs. Showing acts of love through grooming, cuddling, and vocalizations.
  • A mother bear invests significant time and energy in teaching her cubs survival skills. These skills include foraging for food and avoiding predators.

Maternal Instincts of Bears

  • Before hibernation, pregnant mother bears prepare dens. they do this to create a safe and warm space for their upcoming cubs’ birth.
  • Mama bears are highly vigilant, constantly checking for threats to their cubs’ safety.
  • Even after weaning, mother bears continue to care and guide their cubs. They teach their cubs crucial life lessons through observation and correction.

A Mother’s Sacrifice

Mother bear protects her three little puppies. Image via Image via Depositphotos
  • Mother bears prioritize their cubs’ needs above their own! Such as sacrificing food and rest to make sure their babies are safe and healthy.
  • When faced with danger, mother bears will put themselves between their cubs and threats.
  • The bond between a mother bear and her cubs is forever; even after they become independent, they may still share moments of affection and recognition!

    Wrap Up

    Overall, this scene has reestablished how strong a mothers love for her children is! No matter what species, this love shines through.

    Thanks for reading along, for more, check out our related article link below!

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    Gail Costa

    Saturday 27th of April 2024

    Animals are amazing. I always worry about wildlife when disaster strikes. But it sounds like the mothers take the best care they can for their babies.

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