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Massive Bull Elephant Almost Pushes Over Safari Jeep

elephant almost pushes over safari jeep
Image by Videet Shah via YouTube

Safaris give you front row seats to nature – although this elephant that almost pushes over a safari jeep might be a little too close than these safari-goers bargained for.

The Elephant In Question: The Largest Elephant in Pilanesberg National Park

The bull elephant isn’t just any elephant, in fact he’s quite famous. His name is Amarula and he is the largest bull elephant who lives in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa. 

He was transferred from the Kruger National Park back in 1998, and became “famous” 2011 when he pushed over a car which was captured on video

Other than being massive, he can be easily recognized because he doesn’t have a tail.

Elephant Almost Pushes Over Safari Jeep: The Video

“The elephant attack (Amarula)!”, Source: YouTube, Uploaded: Videet Shah

The impressive bull elephant called Amarula can be seen approaching the safari jeep, coming extremely close and almost pushes it over (which wouldn’t be that unusual, as he’s done similar things in the past.)

How Strong Is a Bull Elephant?

Elephant showing off their trunk. Image by Davide Clode via Unsplash

Bull elephants are among the strongest mammals on earth, capable of lifting up to 600 pounds with their trunks alone. Their strength isn’t just in their trunks; their massive bodies, which can weigh up to 14,000 pounds.

This is strong enough for them to uproot trees or, which has happened in the past, pushing over safari vehicles. 

Safari Safety Tips

We go on safari to experience the beauty of nature, but it’s likewise an adventure that teaches us just how much respect we need to have for wild animals – and especially the world’s largest mammal. It’s absolutely crucial to follow the guidelines provided by your experienced guide or park authorities.

Never attempt to feed or touch wild animals, as this can provoke unpredictable behaviors. 

Elephant Almost Pushes Over Safari Jeep: Wrapping Up

Elephant Throws Tourists
Image by Geranimo via Unsplash

Obviously, all wild animals demand respect, but this is especially true when it comes to the world’s largest animal – the elephant. We especially need to be wary of bull elephants, the biggest of the biggest.

Thank you for reading this story about the bull elephant that almost pushes over a safari vehicle! For more elephant stories, take a look here:

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